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Northeast WY River Basin Water Plan

The 2002 Northeast WY River Basin Water Plan is listed below. The Plan may be viewed in either HTML or in PDF. It is recommended that users download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view the PDF files.

As authorized by the Wyoming Water Development Commission in its contract scope of work, this planning document presents current and proposed (estimated) future uses of water in Wyoming's Northeast River Basins. Uses to be inventoried include agricultural, municipal, industrial, environmental, and recreation. Both surface and ground water uses, as well as overall water quality are described. Given current uses, the availability of surface and ground water to meet future requirements is estimated. To lay the groundwork for future water development, a review of the current institutional and legal framework facing such projects is presented. Finally, thoughts are given to guide implementation of the water planning process.

The intent of this summary report is to describe the planning study in sufficient detail for the reader to gain a general understanding of the investigations that were performed and the results of those investigations. For detailed information on a specific topic the reader is directed to the technical memorandum prepared for that topic. References used in preparing the technical memoranda are not repeated in this summary report. These references are presented in the individiual technical memoranda.

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PDF (1,576kb) or HTML Executive Summary for the 2002 Northeast Wyoming River Basin Final Report

PDF (25,190kb) 2002 Northeast Wyoming River Basin Final Report

PDF (1,929kb) or HTML Cover Page and Table of Contents for the 2002 Northeast Wyoming River Basin Plan

PDF (1,761kb) or HTML The intent of this summary report is to describe the planning study in sufficient detail for the reader to gain a general understanding of the investigations that were performed and the results of those investigations.

PDF (10,458kb) or HTML This chapter describes and quantifies the current water uses in the Northeast Wyoming River Basins planning area. The quantification of current water consumption is used to evaluate the overall use of water in the Basin relative to Compact allotments, for comparing existing water use to existing water supplies, and as a basis for projecting future water demands by the various uses.

PDF (9,324kb) or HTML This chapter presents estimates of the availability of surface water to meet future water uses and also characterizes the potential for ground water development.

PDF (259kb) or HTML For assessing the need for water into the future, this plan has developed estimates of water demand for each major use category out to year 2030. These estimates are discussed in detail in technical memoranda for each topic.

PDF (1,469kb) or HTML This chapter identifies future water use opportunities that can be implemented to satisfy the water demands in the Little Missouri River, Belle Fourche River, Cheyenne River, and Niobrara River Basins in Wyoming. The list of opportunities presented in this report is intended to be used by individuals and organizations that need to develop a water supply to satisfy their specific needs.

HTML PDF Technical Memoranda
Chapter II
253 kb 1,135 kb   Tab A - Irrigation Diversion Operation and Description
62 kb 82 kb   Tab B - Irrigated Crops
579 kb 1,517 kb   Tab C - Irrigated Lands Mapping and Water Rights Data
845 kb 1,777 kb   Tab D - Agricultural Water Use
179 kb 766 kb   Tab E - Municipal Water Use
133 kb 304 kb   Tab F - Domestic Water Use
282 kb 523 kb   Tab G - Industrial Water Use
140 kb 271 kb   Tab H - Recreational Water Use
229 kb 602 kb   Tab I - Environmental Water Use
click for listing   Tab J - Storage Operation and Description
Chapter III
click for listing   Tab K - Surface Water Hydrology
2,188 kb 784 kb   Tab L - Spreadsheet Model Development and Calibration
143 kb 83 kb   Tab M - Available Surface Water Determination
click for listing   Tab N - Available Ground Water Determination
Chapter IV
189 kb 53 kb   Tab O - Irrigation Water Needs and Demand Projections
65 kb 62 kb   Tab P - Population Projections
179 kb 69 kb   Tab Q - Industrial Water Needs Projections
48 kb 53 kb   Tab R - Future Recreational and Environmental Water Requirements
Chapter V
157 kb 866 kb   Tab S - Future Water Use Opportunities
20 kb 36 kb   Tab T - Legal and Institutional Constraints
343 kb 1,133 kb   Tab U - Water Quality Issues

Northeast Wyoming Basins Water Plan
Spreadsheet Models

There are sixteen spreadsheet workbooks, one for each of three hydrologic conditions(wet, normal, dry) and one master for each of the four distinct areas:

  • Beaver Creek from Source to Diversions above Stockade
  • Belle Fourche River above Dry Creek to the Stateline
  • Cheyenne River from Dry Fork to the Stateline
  • Redwater Creek from Sand Creek near Beulah to the Stateline

For further information including both a user's guide and engineering documentation of the models please refer to the Spreadsheet Model Development and Calibration.

Steps for Downloading the Models

The three workbooks (wet, dry and normal years) for each area are yoked together with a simple menu-driven graphical user interface (GUI), effectively creating four area models. In addition, the spreadsheet models are stored as zipped Microsoft Excel files using WinZip compression software. An evaluation version of WinZip may be downloaded at http://www.winzip.com/download.htm

  • Download the models by clicking on the file name and saving to your local directory. Depending on the browser this may entail only responding to a prompt, or choosing "Save As..." from the browser file menu.
  • Once on the local disk, double click the zipped file to extract the Excel Workbooks. A total of 4 files will be extracted for each zipped file.
  • In Microsoft Excel, open the area Model file. From this graphical user interface the wet, normal, or dry year models may be selected.
  • For further information on the use of the models please refer to the tutorial included in each of the workborks.

Spreadsheet Models
Beaver Creek Model 1,115 kb compressed
7,504 kb uncompressed
Belle Fourche River Model 1,694 kb compressed
10,963 kb uncompressed
Cheyenne River Model 1,537 kb compressed
10,561 kb uncompressed
Redwater Creek Model 656 kb compressed
4,867 kb uncompressed

* Please note that these files are in read only format. Any changes to the models made by the user may change the results and must be saved with a new file name.

** For Windows XP users - Due to additional security levels, XP users may have to manually change their security levels. If you receive a message when opening Microsoft Excel that reads as follows: "Macros in this workbook are disabled because the security level is high..." click OK and perform the following routine: Under the Tools menu, click on Macro then Security. Change the Security Level to Medium, this will enable the user to go to the Spreadsheet Model Main Menu.