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Lower Laramie River Subbasin Overview


The Lower Laramie River subbasin includes the downstream reach of the Laramie River and several Laramie River tributaries, including Sybille Creek and the North Laramie River. The Lower Laramie River subbbasin covers about 2,600 square miles and is located primarily in Platte, Albany, and Goshen Counties. The Towns of Wheatland and Chugwater are located in the Lower Laramie subbasin, as is Greyrocks Reservoir.

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The Platte River Basin Plan is a planning tool developed for the Wyoming Water Development Office. It presents estimated current and estimated future uses of water in WyomingĂs Platte River Basin. The Plan is not used to determine compliance with or administration of state law, federal law, court decrees, interstate compacts, or interstate agreements.
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