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Water Plan Home Page

Water Development Office

Green River Basin Advisory Group
Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

Tab A
1999 Basin Advisory Group Roster
Tab B
Projected Project Timeline
Tab C
Meeting Record
Tab D - Water Resources Planning Coordination
Water Resources Planning Coordination in Wyoming
Wyoming River Basin Planning Process - Agency Contacts
Water Resources Data Systems (WRDS): Functions and Services
Selected World Wide Web (WWW) Sites
Wyoming Statewide Water Resources Data Inventory
The Wyoming Water Plan Web Site
An Overview of the State Engineer’s Office (SEO) (1337kb PDF)
Tab E
1973 Wyoming Framework Water Plan Summary
1973 Wyoming Water Planning Program Summary Report
Tab F
1998 Bear River Basin Water Planning Advisory Group - Final Report
Tab G
Consultant Scope of Services from States West Water Resources Corporation
Review of Scope of Work - States West Water Resources Corporation
Tab H - Maps
Regional Maps
Wyoming Water Planning Basins Map
Tab I
Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) Groundwater, In-Stream Flows, and Program Project Reports
USGS Reports Inventory: Southwest Wyoming
Tab J - Region-Wide Usage:
Wyoming Water Supply and Use
Consumptive Uses and Losses Report
Inflows and Storage
Colorado River Water Distribution
Bureau of Reclamation Projects
- Seedskadee Project
- Lyman Project
- Eden Project
Blacks Fork Drainage Presentation by John Yarbrough
Wyoming's Water Division IV (Henry's Fork, Black's Fork, Smith's Fork, and Ham's Fork Basins)
Viva Naughton Reservoir Operation Presentation by Bill Klippert
Green River/Rock Springs/Sweetwater County Joint Powers Board Presentation by Ben Bracken
A Brief History of Irrgation in the Eden Valley - Presentation by Shirley DeLambert
BLM Coal Bed Methane Development in the Green River Basin Presentation
Atlantic Rim Coal Bed Methane Exploratory Project Presentation by the BLM
Flaming Gorge Operations Presentation - Ed Vidmar, USBR
Brief History of the Bureau of Reclamation (PDF Format)
Seedskadee Development Farm - Don Brosz (1451kb PDF)
Yampa River Basin Management Plan - Dan Birch (4595 kb PDF)
Flaming Gorge Operations Presentation, Ed Vidmar
Fontenelle Operations Presentation, Ed Vidmar
Fontenelle and Flaming Gorge Operations and Water Supply Outlook - Amy Thatcher, USBR (559kb PPT)
Tab K
Layperson's Guide to the Colorado River
Tab L - Law of the Colorado River
Law of the Colorado River
Colorado River Compact
Upper Colorado River Compact
Wyoming River Basin Compacts and Decrees
Water Quality Standards for Salinity: Colorado River System
The Colorado River Salinity Control Program - Pamplet
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Forum Presentation by John Shields
Land Fallowing Program
"California's Future"
The California Plan Presentation by John Shields
Colorado Water (October 1999)
Colorado Water (December 1999)
Colorado River Salinity Project - Big Sandy Unit - Presentation by Karen Johnson
Proposed Revision of the Salinity Control Forum's NPDES Policy - Presentation by Bill Direnzio, DEQ (PDF Format - 420kb)
Update on Interstate Streams Issues for Green River Basin Advisory Group - John Shields, SEO (PDF Format - 522kb)
Update on Interstate Stream Issues, November 2002 - John Shields, SEO (PDF Format - 877kb)
Carlsbad Desalination Project Fact Sheet (PDF Format)
Update on Interstate Stream Issues, March 2003 - John Shields, SEO
     (Part 1 - 1445kb PDF)      (Part 2 - 1055kb PDF)
State Engineer’s Office Update, July 2003 (1425kb PDF)
State Engineer’s Office Update, November 2003 (1425kb PDF)
News Release on Colorado River programs and issues
Putting Historical Colorado River Hydrology in Current Context (1019kb PDF)
State Engineer’s Office Update, March 2004 (737kb PDF)
Update for the Green River Basin Advisory Group - Pat Tyrrell and John Shields, SEO (655kb PDF)
Colorado River Compact Administration Planning Project & Interstate Streams Issues Updates (573kb PPT)
Tab M - Federal Regulations:
Clean Water Act (CWA)
Clean Water Act
Section 404 of the CWA
Layperson's Guide to Drinking Water
Endangered Species Act (ESA)
The Endangered Species Act and Section 7 Consultations
Recovery Implementation Program for Endangered Fish Species in the Upper Colorado Basin
Endangered Species Act Presentation - Mike Long, USFWS
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Endangered Species Home Page
Endangered Species - A Summary of the ESA and Implementation Activities
Endangered, Threatened, Proposed, Petitioned and Candidate Species of Wyo (PDF format - 306kb)
Candidate Species & Candidate Conservation Agreements... (PDF format - 169kb)
Safe Harbor Agreements for Private Property Owners (PDF format - 24kb)
Habitat Conservation Plans and the Incidental Take Permitting Process
Yampa River Management Plan and PBO Presentation - John Shields, SEO
Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program Newsletter, Winter 2002
Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program, Briefing Synopsis and Congressional Funding Requests (PDF format - 6884kb)
Federal Environmental Laws
Tab Mc - Water Law:
Wyoming Water Law - A Summary
Western Water March/April 1996: Colorado River Controversies
The Colorado River Pie
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - World Heritage Website
Instream Flows - State Statute, Article 10
Wyoming Instream Flow Applications
Wyoming Statute Changes Examples
Proposed Statute Changes - Salvage Water, Temporary Change of Use
Proposed Statute Changes Examples
Instream Flow Issues, Tom Annear, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (1320kb PDF format)
Instream Flow Segment Filings, Paul Dey, Wyoming Game and Fish Department
       (Part 1 - 1340kb PDF format)
       (Part 2 - 4303kb PDF format)
Wyoming State Engineer's Office Legislative Summary 2005 (46kb PDF format)
Tab N - Water Economics
Western Irrigation Economic Benefits Review
Wyoming Business Council Homepage
Tab O - Water Quality
Wyoming Groundwater Quality
Wyoming Stream Water Quality
Lyman-West Green River Basin Salinity Control Project
Source Water Assessment and Protection Program (SWAP)
AML Statewide Coal Reclamation Project(2914kb PDF)
Big Sandy Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project(5441kb PDF)
Tab P - Wyoming Water Information
Wyoming's Water Resources
Groundwater Resources
Floods and Droughts
WGFD Cutthroat Trout Management Presentation - Ron Remmick, WGFD
Wyoming Water Management and Conservation Presentation - Ron Vore, SEO
Water-Resources Investigation of Sweetwater and Carbon Counties - Jon Mason, USGS (PDF Format - 3,336kb)
Tree-Ring Based Reconstructions of Precipitation Variability in Southwest Wyoming over the Past 750 years, Steve Gray, University of Wyoming
Snow Telemetry and Current Conditions - Dave Taylor, NRCS (1157kb PDF)
Winter Season Outlook - Joe Sullivan, NWS (1929kb PDF)
Tab Q
Water Use By Activity / Water Measures and Equivalents
Glossary of Selected Hydrologic Terms
Tab R
Enabling Legislation
Tab S - Water Modeling Activities:
Hydrologic Modeling Description
Spreadsheet Model Example
Green River Basin Plan - Surface Water Model Presentation
Green River GIS Presentation, Chris Jessen, SWWRC
Green River Basin Project Criteria and Ranking Matrix, Pat Tyrrell, SWWRC
Tab T - Final Planning Documents
Green River Basin Plan - Water Planning Process Presentation - Pat Tyrrell, SWWRC

Tab U

Tab V

Tab W


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