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Water Development Office

Wyoming State Water Plan

The Wyoming River Basin Plans, funded by the Wyoming Legislature beginning in 1997, quantify existing water uses and project future needs of this important resource. With the State divided into seven major drainage basins (Bear, Green, Platte, Northeast, Powder/Tongue, Snake/Salt, and Wind/Bighorn), individual plans are generated and regularly updated to assess current water use in different sectors and to identify and prioritize water development opportunities. These plans are designed to assist Wyoming municipalities, irrigation districts, and other public entities' efforts to plan for the future.


Develop essential information concerning the current status and future availability of water resources in Wyoming.


  • Maintain an inventory of accurate and contemporary water data for use by the Governor, State Legislature, state agencies, and the public.
  • Use the water data and information to facilitate successful Water Development Office planning projects and contribute to the Governor's Water Strategy.


Public participation, through Basin Advisory Groups (BAG) in each of the seven River Basins, plays a major role in the water planning process.
  • BAG meetings are open to the public and designed for the sharing and gathering of information between agencies, municipalities, districts, and the public.
  • Participate in the development of strategies and project opportunities for communities and land owners to aid in the development and protection of water resources such as:
    • Municipal master plans
    • Development of water supplies, such as reservoirs
    • Watershed studies

More information on the River Basin Planning Process and Plan Updates
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