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Wyoming State Water Plan

In 1997 the Legislature directed the WWDC to conduct a water planning feasibility study with the assistance of the University of Wyoming (UW). In conjunction with the State Engineer and the University, the WWDC completed an intensive public outreach effort, a pilot analysis in the Bear River Basin and a statewide water data inventory. During the process, the planning team was advised by a multi-agency scoping group. An independent consulting firm under contract to the WWDC assisted with development of implementation recommendations.

The 1999 Legislature approved the recommended planning framework and authorized the Bear and Green Basin Plans. In the years that followed, the Legislature authorized funding for the five remaining river basin plans. The Platte River Basin Plan was the last plan completed in May 2006. Anticipating completion of the individual river basin plans, the 2005 Legislature authorized funding for the Statewide Framework Water Plan. The purpose of this plan was to summarize the results of all seven river basin plans and provide recommendation for future updates.

More information on the River Basin Planning Process and Plan Updates can be found by clicking on the links on the left side of the page.

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