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Statewide Framework Plan Updated Data Tables

Table Title updated 2007
Chapter 4
Total Annual Flow Table 4-1
Chapter 5
Irrigated Acreage Table 5-1
1973 Versus Current Active Crop Distribution Table 5-2
Estimated Average Annual Irrigation Surface Water Diversions Table 5-3
Estimated Average Annual Irrigation Water Requirement Table 5-4
Estimated Average Annual Irrigation Water Supply-Limited Consumptive Use (Depletions) Table 5-5
Municipal and Domestic Use Table 5-6
Municipal and Domestic Water Depletions Table 5-7
Annual Industrial Water Use Table 5-8
Chapter 6
Presently Irrigated Acreage and Projected Irrigation Development Table 6-1
Current and Projected Irrigation Diversions Table 6-2
Current and Projected Consumptive Irrigation Use Table 6-3
Livestock Consumptive Use Table 6-6
Actual and Projected Populations Table 6-7
Projected Annual Electrical Generation Water Needs Table 6-9
Total Industrial Water Demand Projections Table 6-10
Projected Annual Total Consumptive Water Demands by Use Table 6-14
Summary of Current and Projected Future Water Uses Table 6-15
Chapter 7
Average Annual Streamflow and Uses - Normal Condition Table 7-1
Available Flows Table 7-2
Average Annual Streamflow and Uses - Mid-Level Development - Dry Condition Table 7-3

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