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Water Development Office


Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO) and Water Resources Data System (WRDS) have taken the opportunity to make water and climate data available in web based mapping applications. Which allows users to examine numerous aspects of Wyoming water and climate data simultaneously. These efforts are funded by WWDO. These tools will be a key component of updates to the State Water Plan.

Click images below to access each individual application

The Wyoming Water & Climate Atlas is an online web-mapping tool which explores and delivers climate, weather, snowpack, streamflow, and State water development information. The Web Atlas allows users to visualize different water and climate data resources in specific geographic regions, and then retrieve information related to that area. The goal of this mapping portal is to allow Wyoming's water users and managers to find as much information they can, in one spot, on one of our state's most precious resources.
PRISM climate data, provided by Oregon State University. This application uses point measurements of precipitation, temperature, and other climatic factors to produce continuous, digital grid estimates of monthly, yearly, and event-based climatic parameters from 1895 through 2010.
Using a geographic location to query a specific PRISM raster cell, PRISM Climate Data Server retrieves monthly and annual climate data for mean, maximum, and minimum temperature and precipitation data for any point in Wyoming from 1895 to 2010. These data are returned to a user in a separate browser window in a .csv format that can be copied to a user-preferred database or spreadsheet.
The primary objective of this web-mapping portal is to relate water quality analyses from water, oil, gas, and coalbed methane wells to specific coal beds or geologic formations in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. The project will enable developers, water users, or regulators to more effectively estimate the quality of water before it is produced.

Please send us an email with your comments regarding these applications.

For information on the original ArcIMS Server please read:
Wyoming Shares Water Resources Data ArcNews Online Winter 2009/2010

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