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Water Development Office

Snake/Salt River Basin Water Plan
2003 Technical Memoranda 

The memoranda may be viewed in either HTML or PDF. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to download a free copy.

HTML PDF Technical Memoranda
84 kb 294 kb   Tab A - Summary of Wyoming Water Law
51 kb 185 kb   Tab B - Summary of Interstate Compacts and Decrees
19 kb 77 kb   Tab C - Palisades Reservoir Contract
44 kb 162 kb   Tab D - Agricultural Water Use
37 kb 83 kb   Tab E - Cropping Patterns
159 kb 316 kb   Tab F - Irrigation Diversion Operation and Description
161 kb 470 kb   Tab G - Irrigated Lands and Permit GIS Data
84 kb 251 kb   Tab H - Municipal Uses
429 kb 735 kb   Tab I - Domestic Uses
14 kb 138 kb   Tab J - Industrial Uses
189 kb 150 kb   Tab K - Recreation Uses
37 kb 125 kb   Tab L - Environmental Uses
206 kb 1512 kb   Tab M - Major Reservoirs
227 kb 894 kb   Tab N - Instream Flows
24 kb 66 kb   Tab O - Water Quality
890 kb               - Water Quality - Appendix A
1908 kb               - Water Quality - Appendix B
291 kb 197 kb   Tab P - Surface Water Data Collection and Study Period Selection
247 kb 290 kb   Tab Q - Spreadsheet Model Development
206 kb 356 kb   Tab R - Available Surface Water Determination
180 kb 1223 kb   Tab S - Available Groundwater Determination
None Listing               - Groundwater Figures
321 kb 199 kb   Tab T - Historic  and Current Economic and Demographic Conditions
494 kb 314 kb   Tab U - Future Economic and Demographic Scenarios
443 kb 236 kb   Tab V - Future Water Demand Projections
363 kb 1049 kb   Tab W - Future Water Use Opportunities
47 kb 179 kb   Tab X - Water Conservation
50 kb 130 kb   Tab Y - Institutional Constraints
14 kb 74 kb   Tab Z - Salmon Recovery Efforts in the Snake River Basin

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