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The Platte River Basin Water Atlas is the last of seven Wyoming river basin plans that have been prepared under the sponsorship and direction of the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC). To learn more about the WWDC and the Wyoming river basin planning process, click here.



Welcome to the Platte River Basin Water Atlas.
The Wyoming Water Development Commission, in cooperation with the Wyoming State Engineer's Office and the Wyoming Water Resources Data System, has created this educational resource as part of the Wyoming State Water Planning Process.

Information in the Platte River Basin Plan is organized on the basis of the seven subbasins or sub-drainages that are shown on the map below. Nine headings are shown above on your screen, including an ˘Overview÷ heading, a "Links" heading, and one heading with the name of each of the seven Platte River Basin subbasins or sub-drainages.

  • Select the ˘Overview÷ heading above to learn more about the origins and organization of this resource and to view water resources topics and information that pertain to the entire Platte River Basin;
  • Select the ˘Links÷ heading to view State of Wyoming agencies and resources that are pertinent to the Wyoming basin planning process; and
  • Select one of the seven subbasin headings above or click on a subbasin on the map below to view a menu of Platte River Basin Plan water resources information pertaining to your selected subbasin.


WyomingĂs Platte River Basin, including the tributary Sweetwater, Medicine Bow, Encampment, and Laramie Rivers, lies in the southeastern quarter of Wyoming.


The Platte River Basin Plan is a planning tool developed for the Wyoming Water Development Office. It presents estimated current and estimated future uses of water in WyomingĂs Platte River Basin. The Plan is not used to determine compliance with or administration of state law, federal law, court decrees, interstate compacts, or interstate agreements.
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