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Snake/Salt River Basin Water Plan
Groundwater Figures 

The memoranda may be viewed in either HTML or PDF. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to download a free copy.

PDF   Figures
266 kb Figure 1: Groundwater Contribution to Streamflow
262 kb Figure 2: Schematic Groundwater Circulation
863 kb Figure 3: General Geology & Well Density
355 kb Figure 4: Groundwater Contours - Central Teton County
259 kb Figure 5: USGS Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Sites
391 kb Figure 6: Teton County/ Wyoming State Engineers Office Westbank Well Locations
29 kb Figure 7: Snake River alluvial aquifer groundwater level hydrograph
588 kb Figure 8: Wyoming State Engineers Office Well Permit Locations by Use
377 kb Figure 9: US Geological Survey Groundwater Data Sites
44 kb Figure 10: Cumulative Total WSEO Groundwater Permits and Yield For All Uses
44 kb Figure 11: Wyoming State Engineer's Office Groundwater Permits
46 kb Figure 12: Groundwater Domestic Use Permits
32 kb Figures 13, 14: Domestic Use Groundwater Permits Well Depth/Yield
32 kb Figures 15, 16: Stock Use Groundwater Permits Well Depth/Yield
32 kb Figures 17, 18: Irrigation Use Groundwater Permits Well Depth/Yield
32 kb Figures 19, 20: Miscellaneous Use Groundwater Permits Well Depth/Yield
42 kb Fugure 21: Annual and Cumulative WSEO Domestic Use Groundwater Permits
582 kb Figure 22: Groundwater Permits for Domestic Use by Decade
238 kb Figure 23: Water Supply / Wastewater Suitability Studies
421 kb Figure 24: Depth to Groundwater
404 kb Figure 25: Aquifer Sensitivity
474 kb Figure 26: Geothermal Resources of the Snake/Salt River Basin
307 kb Figure 27: Shallow Aquifer Recharge Rates
659 kb Figure 28: WWDC Sponsored Water Supply Studies

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