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Water Plan Home Page

Water Development Office

Wyoming State Water Plan - Basin Advisory Group: Reference Notebook, Agency Contacts

Wyoming River Basin Planning Process
Agency Contacts

Water Development Commission
6920 Yellowtail Rd
Cheyenne 82002
307-777-7626 voice
307-777-6819 fax
Jon Wade, River Basin Planning Manager
Water Plan Site:
Agency Site:
State Engineer's Office
Herschler Building, 4E
Cheyenne 82002
307-777-7354 voice
307-777-5451 fax
John Barnes, Sue Lowry,
John Shields, Jodee Pring
Agency Site:
Water Resources Data System
Dept. 3943
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie 82071-3067
307-766-6651 voice
307-766-3785 fax
Steve Gray, Coordinator
Agency Site:
Department of Agriculture
2219 Carey Avenue
Cheyenne 82002
307-777-7321 voice
307-777-6593 fax
Grant Stumbaugh
Agricultural Program Coordinator
Agency Site:
Game & Fish Department
5400 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne 82006
307-777-4509 voice
307-777-4610 fax
Tom Collins
Agency Site:
Department of Environmental Quality
4W Herschler Building
Cheyenne 82002
307-777-7758 voice
307-777-7682 fax
Chuck Harnish, Beth Pratt
Agency Site:
State Geological Survey
P.O. Box 3008
Laramie 82071
307-766-2286 voice
307-766-2605 fax
Lance Cook, Director
Agency Site:
State Parks and Historic Sites
2301 Central Avenue
Cheyenne 82002
307-777-6303 voice
307-777-3654 fax
Phil Noble, Director
Agency Site:
State Lands and Investments
3W Herschler Building
Cheyenne 82002
307-777-6629 voice
307-777-5400 fax
Lynn Boomgaarden, Director
Agency Site:
Wyoming Associaton of Conservation Districts
2304 East 13th
Cheyenne 82001
307-632-5716 voice
Bobbie Frank, Executive Director
United States Bureau of Land Management
5353 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne 82009
307-775-6256 voice
Rick Schuler
Agency Site:
United States Bureau of Reclamation
307-261-5671 voice
208-261-5683 fax
John Lawson
Agency Site:
United States Fish & Wildlife Service
4000 Airport Parkway
Cheyenne 82001
307-772-2374 voice
Mike Long Email: Agency Site:
United States Forest Service
1W Herschler Building
Cheyenne 82002
Jane Darnell
United States Geological Survey
Water Resources Division
2617 East Lincolnway
Cheyenne 82001
307-778-2931 voice
Myron Brooks
Agency Site:
United States Army Corps of Engineers
307-772-2300 voice
Matt Bilodeau
Agency Site:
United States Environmental Protection
Agency, Region VIII
800-227-8917 voice
No Information Available

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