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Snake/Salt River Basin Water Plan
2003 Final Report


As authorized by the Wyoming Water Development Commission in its contract scope of work, this planning document presents current and proposed future uses of water in Wyoming's Snake/Salt River Basin. Uses to be inventoried include agricultural, municipal, industrial, environmental, and recreation. Both surface and ground water uses, as well as overall water quality are described. Given current uses, the availability of surface and ground water to meet future requirements is estimated. To lay the groundwork for future water development, a review of the current institutional and legal framework facing such projects is presented. Finally, thoughts are given to guide implementation of the water planning process.

The intent of this summary report is to describe the planning study in sufficient detail for the reader to gain a general understanding of the investigations that were performed and the results of those investigations. For detailed information on a specific topic the reader is directed to the technical memorandum prepared for that topic. References used in preparing the technical memoranda are not repeated in this summary report. These references are presented in the individiual technical memoranda.

Final Report - Table of Contents

The plan may be viewed in either HTML or PDF. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to download a free copy. Please note the size of the file when deciding which to view or print.


5,397 kb 15,201 kb Final Report (Entire Document)

613 kb 966 kb Chapter I - Introduction
1661 kb 6439 kb Chapter II - Basin Water Use Profile (Figures Included)
3279 kb Chapter II - Basin Water Use Profile (Figures Excluded)
308 kb Irrigated Lands (Figure II - 1)
215 kb Irrigated Lands Teton County (Figure II - 2)
194 kb Irrigated Lands Lincoln County(Figure II - 3)
488 kb Agricultural Wells (Figure II - 4)
486 kb Municipal Wells (Figure II - 5)
683 kb Domestic Wells (Figure II - 6)
831 kb Instream Flow Segment Locations (Figure II - 8)
2048 kb Chapter III - Available Surface Water and Groundwater Determination
(Figures Included)
3335 kb Chapter III - Available Surface Water and Groundwater Determination
(Figures Excluded)
87 kb Snake River Node Diagram - From Jackson (Figure III - 3)
83 kb Snake River Node Diagram - From Palisades (Figure III - 4)
863 kb General Geology and Well Density (Figure III - 5)
308 kb Shallow Aquifer Recharge Rates (Figure III - 6)
259 kb USGS Monitoring Sites (Figure III - 7)
582 kb Groundwater Permits for Domestic Use (Figure III - 8)
588 kb Well Permit Locations by Use (Figure III - 9)
404 kb Aquifer Sensitivity (Figure III - 10)
703 kb 669 kb Chapter IV - Demand Projections
372 kb 591 kb Chapter V - Future Water Use Opportunities

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