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Platte River Basin Advisory Group Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

Item Size
Tab A - BAG Roster:
Basin Advisory Group Roster  
Tab B - Mission Statement and Enabling Legislation:
Basin Advisory Group Mission Statement and Enabling Legislation  
Tab D - Consultant Information
Project Timeline  
Tab G - Current WWDC River Basin Planning Efforts
State of Wyoming Water Planning Questionnaire Report – January 1998  
Green River Basin Plan Executive Summary  
Tab J - Maps
Wyoming Water Planning Basins Map  
Platte Basin Planning Map  
Tab Mc - Water Quality and Occurrence
USBR Flow Schematic  
Tab O - Water Law
Laramie River Decree, 1922, and amended in 1957.  
Modified Decree, North Platte  
Tab XYZ - Platte River Basin Plan Draft Products
Responses for Platte BAG Comments