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Available Groundwater Determination
Technical Memorandum No. 6

Bear River Basin Water Plan Update
Groundwater Study Level I (2010-2014)

The 2014 Available Groundwater Determination Technical Memorandum No. 6 is provided in the table below. The memorandum may be viewed in either HTML or PDF format. It is recommended that users download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to dowload a free copy.

For information on the Bear River Basin Groundwater from the Wyoming State Geological Survey click here.

PDF Section
551 kb   Executive Summary
67,461 kb   Complete Report
3,741 kb   Title page and Table of Contents
325 kb   Chapter 1: Introduction
97 kb   Chapter 2: Background
6,222 kb   Chapter 3: Description of the Study Area
5,336 kb   Chapter 4: Geologic Setting
25,670 kb   Chapter 5: Technical Concepts: Hydrogeology and Groundwater Quality
12,499 kb   Chapter 6: Bear River Basin Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources
187 kb   Chapter 7: Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Hydrogeologic Units in the Bear River Basin
13,434 kb   Chapter 8: Groundwater Development and Basin-wide Water Balance
97 kb   Chapter 9: Looking to the Future
78 kb   References
686 kb   Appendices
PDF Plate
1,062 kb   Plate I: Bedrock Geology - Bear River Basin
573 kb   Plate II: Hydrogeology - Bear River Basin
843 kb   Plate 3: Location of springs, wells, and associated physical and chemical characteristics, and generalized geology - Bear River Basin, WY
590 kb   Plate 4: Summaries of spring discharge, well yield, and hydraulic properties - Bear River Basin, WY
91 kb   Plate 5: Relation of lithostratigraphic units to hydrogeologic units, Overthrust Belt and Fossil Basin, including Bear River Basin, WY
421 kb   Plate 6: Potentiometric surface of the Bear River alluvial aquifer (modified from Glover, 1990) and generalized geology in the Cokeville area, WY

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