Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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UPDATED: Data Table

Table 5-6 Municipal and Domestic Use
River Basin Demand Factor1 Surface Water Groundwater
Municipal Domestic Municipal Domestic
gpcpd gpd
Bear River2 198  2,056,700   897,000 
Green River3  133  18,682,000   ~0  646,000   2,598,000 
Northeast Wyoming  204  ~0  ~0  6,957,000   2,540,000 
Platte River4  197  5,981,000   15,891,000 
Powder/Tongue River  270  6,446,000   ~0  91,000  2,135,000 
Snake/Salt River  223  ~0  ~0  5,875,140   2,241,000 
Wind/Bighorn River  207  8,300,000   1,157,000   3,904,000   5,314,000 
  1. Demand factors are based on average use in the basin, which are reported as gallons per capita per day (gpcpd). Use is calculated in gallons per day (gpd).
  2. Combined the data for municipal and domestic uses. Number is from percentage of total water use.
  3. Surface water data are"depletions" instead of "uses" like the other basins. Also includes 12.9 mgd for City of Cheyenne, which may or may not be the same as 13 mgd in the Platte Basin total.
  4. Includes 13 mgd for City of Cheyenne, which may be duplicated in Green River Basin. Also the only basin plan to report conjunctive uses.