Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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UPDATED: Data Table

Table 5-1 Irrigated Acreage
River Basin Irrigated Lands2 (acres)
1973 Total Total Surface Water Ground Water
  Bear   59,000   64,000       
  Green  332,000   331,100   330,980   120 
  Northeast Wyoming  161,000   77,600   59,600   18,000 
  Platte   553,000   613,000      220 
  Powder/Tongue1,3      161,400   161,180   220 
  Snake/Salt   94,000   99,000       
  Wind/Bighorn  539,000   601,000       
 Total 1,738,000  1,947,100     
  1. In the 1973 Framework Plan, Powder/Tongue Basin is included in Northeast Wyoming Basin. Also, the 1973 Wind/Bighorn Basin included the Little Bighorn subbasin, but the Little Bighorn is in the 2002 Powder/Tongue Basin.
  2. Current irrigated acreage listed for primary source of supply. Idle lands identified in the Northeast Wyoming and Powder/Tongue basins are not included.
  3. Only Green, Northeast, and Powder/Tongue River Basin Plans distinguished between surface water and groundwater irrigated acreage.
  4. Current Wind/Bighorn figure is modeled irrigated acreage for full-supply scenario and does not include Popo Agie Basin or Tribal Futures Projects.