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Water Development Office

2012 Snake/Salt River Basin Plan Update
Technical Memoranda
Volume 2

This document is intended as an introduction to the volume of technical memoranda produced as part of the 2012 Snake/Salt River Basin Plan Update (2012 Update). A summarized listing of all available technical memoranda is provided in the table below, including those related to the original 2003 Snake/Salt River Basin Plan. The original Snake/Salt River Basin Plan (previous Basin Plan) was completed in 2003.

The 2012 Update was conducted by a team of professionals with the Wyoming Water Development Office, the Wyoming State Engineer's Office, and the University of Wyoming, Water Resources Data System (WRDS). The update is not intended to totally replace the previous Basin Plan or the supporting Technical Memoranda, but will provide updated information and make recommendations for collection of additional information and data to appropriately keep the plan current.

The PDFs require Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to download a free copy.

PDF Technical Memoranda
213 kb   Table of Contents
644 kb   Tab I - Agricultural Water Use
1,244 kb   Tab II - Municipal and Domestic Water Use
630 kb   Tab III - Industrial Water Use
12,231 kb   Tab IV - Environmental and Recreational Water Use
2,423 kb   Tab V - Irrigation Diversion Operation and Description
1,030 kb   Tab VI - Irrigated Acreage
2,821 kb   Tab VII - Crop Water Requirements
1,599 kb   Tab VIII - Surface Water Data Collection and Estimation
1,453 kb   Tab IX - Spreadsheet Models and Hydrologic Database
4,092 kb   Tab X - Available Surface Water Determination
7,127 kb   Tab XI - Available Groundwater Determination
1,520 kb   Tab XII - Major Reservoirs and Reservoir Evaporation
866 kb   Tab XIII - Instream Flows
1,634 kb   Tab XIV - Surface Water Quality
783 kb   Tab XV - Water Conservation
1,891 kb   Tab XVI - Climate
667 kb   Tab XVII - Population Projections and Economic Conditions
791 kb   Tab XVIII - Institutional Constraints
631 kb   Tab XIX - Palisades Reservoir Contract
626 kb   Tab XX - Salmon Recovery Efforts in the Snake River Basin

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