Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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Powder/Tongue River Basin Water Plan
Technical Memoranda

Available Ground Water Determination
Memoranda & Appendices

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*** 6,855 kb   Tab N - Available Ground Water Determination (Entire Document)

362 kb 1,259 kb   Available Ground Water Determination Technical Memoranda
50 kb 63 kb   Appendix A: Bibliography of Selected Ground Water Studies and Planning Documents
1,484 kb 3,836 kb   Appendix B: Geology and Ground Water Use Plates
510 kb 829 kb   Appendix C: Data Summary of Hydrogeology, Hydrologic Properties and Well Specific Capacities of Selected Aquifer Systems
245 kb 878 kb   Appendix D: Aquifer Sensitivity to Contamination and Ground Water Vulnerability to Pesticides