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Northeast Wyoming River Basins Water Plan
Technical Memoranda

The 2002 Northeast Wyomig River Basins Water Plan Technical Memoranda are listed in the table below. The memoranda may be viewed in either HTML or PDF. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to download a free copy.

HTML PDF Technical Memoranda
Chapter II
253 kb 1,135 kb   Tab A - Irrigation Diversion Operation and Description
62 kb 82 kb   Tab B - Irrigated Crops
579 kb 1,517 kb   Tab C - Irrigated Lands Mapping and Water Rights Data
845 kb 1,777 kb   Tab D - Agricultural Water Use
179 kb 766 kb   Tab E - Municipal Water Use
133 kb 304 kb   Tab F - Domestic Water Use
282 kb 523 kb   Tab G - Industrial Water Use
140 kb 271 kb   Tab H - Recreational Water Use
229 kb 602 kb   Tab I - Environmental Water Use
click for listing   Tab J - Storage Operation and Description
Chapter III
click for listing   Tab K - Surface Water Hydrology
2,188 kb 784 kb   Tab L - Spreadsheet Model Development and Calibration
143 kb 83 kb   Tab M - Available Surface Water Determination
click for listing   Tab N - Available Ground Water Determination
Chapter IV
189 kb 53 kb   Tab O - Irrigation Water Needs and Demand Projections
65 kb 62 kb   Tab P - Population Projections
179 kb 69 kb   Tab Q - Industrial Water Needs Projections
48 kb 53 kb   Tab R - Future Recreational and Environmental Water Requirements
Chapter V
157 kb 866 kb   Tab S - Future Water Use Opportunities
20 kb 36 kb   Tab T - Legal and Institutional Constraints
343 kb 1,133 kb   Tab U - Water Quality Issues

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