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Wind/Bighorn River Basin Water Plan

The 2010 Wind/Bighorn River Basin Water Plan Technical Memoranda are listed in the table below. The PDFs require Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you do not already have this program on your computer, please visit Adobe's Website to download a free copy.

Technical Memoranda
42 kb   Task 2 - Literature Review
4,104 kb   Task 3A - Agricultural Water Use
996 kb   Task 3B - Domestic and Municipal Water Use Profile
2,219 kb   Task 3C - Industrial and Mining Water Use
15,825 kb   Task 3D/3E - Recreational and Environmental Water Use Addendum
2,968 kb   Task 3F - Water Use from Storage
128 kb   Task 3G - Basin Advisory Group Issues and Strategies
131 kb   Task 3H - Water Law and Water Administration
6,441 kb   Task 4A - Surface Water Hydrology
5,541 kb   Task 4B - Spreadsheet Model and Hydrologic Database
3,104 kb   Task 4C - Available Surface Water Determination and Shortages
162 kb   Task 5 - Current Socioeconomic Conditions and Trends
174 kb   Task 5b - Planning Scenarios and Methodology
106 kb   Task 5c - Water Demand Projections for the Wind/Bighorn Basin Plan Update
2,700 kb   Task 6 - Future Water Use Project Opportunities and Program Strategies
1,833 kb   Task 6A - Issues Affecting Future Water Use Opportunities
915 kb   Task 6B - Water Quality
4,592 kb   Task 6C - Climate
117 kb   Task 6D - Conservation
53 kb   Task 6E - WWDC Watershed Planning
87 kb   Task 7 - Approach to Developing Opportunities and Strategies

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