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The Water Plan Web Site

This handout details the contents of the Wyoming Water Plan web pages. This site is constantly updated and added to so check back often for updates. The following information is current as of July 18, 2001.

To access the Water Plan Web Site use the following address:

At the Water Plan Homepage you have several options:

  1. Summary of the State Water Planning Process: This is a short document giving the history, purpose, and goals of the Wyoming State Water Plan.

  2. News: Contains past press releases concerning the Water Plan and the Water Development Commission's water planning newsletter.

  3. Email: Email the WWDC Water Planning Staff.

  4. Contact Us: Contact information for the Wyoming Water Planning Team, including mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

  5. Basin Planning: This is a link to each Basin. To go to the Wind/Bighorn River Basin Click on the fourth icon directly under the title. You then have the following choices:
    a) Basin Issue Summary: A short report concerning the current issues and concerns of the Wind/Bighorn River Basin.
    b) Basin Advisory Group: Meeting Records from all previous Basin Advisory Group meetings.
    c) Bighorn, Yellowstone/Clarks Fork and Gallatin/Madison River Basins Data Inventories: Entry into the Statewide Data Inventory for the Bighorn, Yellowstone/Clarks Fork and Gallatin/Madison River Basins. Each contains an overview of the basin as well as an index of dataset themes such as surface and ground water quality, and land and biological resources.

  6. Pilot Products: Products created from the feasibility part of the Water Plan. Including:
    a) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Water Planning: Get the answers to your water planning questions in the FAQ document.
    b) GIS Technology Demonstration: Interactive mapping demonstration of the Smiths Fork Irrigation District.
    c) Public Interest Group White Papers: White papers from the Wyoming Water Coalition and the Wyoming Water Development Association regarding the State Water Plan.
    d) Final Report: Bear River Basin Water Planning Advisory Group - September 1998: The final report for the feasibility phase of the State Water Plan from the Bear River Basin Advisory Group.
    e) Executive Summary of Recommendations for 1999 Planning Process: Recommendations for implementation of statewide water planning, including staffing, timeline, and budget recommendations.
    f) Statewide Data Inventory: Statewide inventory of water resources data. Used in the feasibility study to evaluate available resources and estimate costs associated with basin planning in Wyoming. Also updated regularly to allow water resources professionals and the general public to access primary data descriptions under specific themes in Wyoming's River Basins.
    g) State Water Planning Questionnaire Report: Survey on water issues within the state of Wyoming completed during the feasibility phase of the State Water Plan.

  7. Search the Website: Allows the user to search for titles, keywords, and subjects contained within the State Water Plan web pages.

Wind/Bighorn River Basin Reference Notebook Table of Contents
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