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Green River Basin Water Plan
Spreadsheet Models

Task 3B encompassed creating twelve spreadsheet workbooks, one for each of three hydrologic conditions and four distinct sub-basins:

  • Upper Green River Basin from the Green River headwaters to Flaming Gorge
  • Blacks Fork River Basin from the Blacks Fork and Smiths Fork headwaters to Flaming Gorge
  • Henrys Fork River Basin from the Henrys Fork headwaters to Flaming Gorge, and
  • Little Snake River Basin from the Little Snake headwaters to the USGS stream gaging station Little Snake River near Lily, CO.

For further information including both a user's guide and engineering documentation of the models please refer to the Task 3B Surface Water Data Synthesis and Spreadsheet Model Development Technical Memorandum.

Steps for Downloading the Models

The three workbooks (wet, dry and normal years) for each sub-basin are yoked together with a simple menu-driven graphical user interface (GUI), effectively creating four sub-basin models. In addition, the spreadsheet models are stored as zipped Microsoft Excel files using WinZip compression software. An evaluation version of WinZip may be downloaded at

  • Download the models by clicking on the file name and saving to your local directory. Depending on the browser this may entail only responding to a prompt, or choosing "Save As..." from the browser file menu.
  • Once on the local disk, double click the zipped file to extract the Excel Workbooks. A total of 4 files will be extracted for each zipped file.
  • In Microsoft Excel, open the Sub-Basin Model file. From this graphical user interface the wet, normal, or dry year models may be selected.
  • For further information on the use of the models please refer to the tutorial included in each of the workborks.

Sub-Basin Spreadsheet Models

Upper Green River Sub-Basin Model   2,736 kb compressed
10,492 kb uncompressed
Blacks Fork River Sub-Basin Model   1,433 kb compressed
  5,191 kb uncompressed
Henrys Fork River Sub-Basin Model       827 kb compressed
  2,823 kb uncompressed
Little Snake River Sub-Basin Model   1,465 kb compressed
  5,381 kb uncompressed

* Please note that these files are in read only format. Any changes to the models made by the user may change the results and must be saved with a new file name.

** For Windows XP users - Due to additional security levels, XP users may have to manually change their security levels. If you receive a message when opening Microsoft Excel that reads as follows: "Macros in this workbook are disabled because the security level is high..." click OK and perform the following routine: Under the Tools menu, click on Macro then Security. Change the Security Level to Medium, this will enable the user to go to the Spreadsheet Model Main Menu.

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