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Bear River Basin Advisory Group
Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

Tab A
1999 Basin Advisory Group Roster
Tab B
Projected Project Timeline
The Role of the Bear River Basin Advisory Group - Post Plan - Presentation, Barry Lawrence, WWDC
Tab C
Meeting Record
Tab D - Water Resources Planning Coordination
Water Resources Planning Coordination in Wyoming
Wyoming River Basin Planning Process - Agency Contacts
Water Resources Data Systems (WRDS): Functions and Services
Selected World Wide Web (WWW) Sites
Wyoming Statewide Water Resources Data Inventory
The Water Plan Web Site
Water Resources Data Systems for the State of Wyoming Presentation, Dennis Feeney
Overview of the State Engineer's Office - Harry LaBonde, SEO
Lincoln County Conservation District/NRCS Activities Update - DeMont Grandy, NRCS
Tab E
1973 Wyoming Framework Water Plan Summary
1973 Wyoming Water Planning Program Summary Report
Tab F
1998 Bear River Basin Water Planning Advisory Group - Final Report
Tab G - Bear River Compact
Bear River Compact
Wyoming River Basin Compacts and Decrees
Three State Agreement
Bear River Operations and Regulations (889kb PDF format)
Bear River Commission Activities (1955kb PDF)
Tab H
Consultant Scope of Services from Forsgren Associates Inc.
Basin Advisory Group Issues, Presentation Handout by Clarence Kemp
Basin Planning Process Flowchart
Tab I
Wyoming Water Planning Basins Map
Regional Maps
Bear River Schematics (Revised March 2000)
Bear River Basin - Key Diversion Structures
Bear River Flow Chart
Tab J
Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) Groundwater, In-Stream Flows, and Program Project Reports
USGS Reports Inventory: Southwest Wyoming
Tab K - Region-Wide Usage:
Wyoming Water Supply and Use
Irrigation Depletions
Wasatch-Cache National Forest - Forest Revision Plan
Conveyance Losses, Travel Times, and Re-diversion Proportions along the Bear River (1979kb PDF)
Cokeville Reservoir, Level I Study (879kb PDF)
Tab L      Federal Law and Regulations
Tab M - Water Law:
Wyoming Water Law - A Summary
Wyoming River Basin Compacts and Decrees
Water Export Law
Instream Flows - Artcle 10 State Statute
Wyoming Instream Flow Applications
Proposed Statute Changes - Salvage Water, Temporary Change of Use
Proposed Statute Changes Examples
Instream Flow Issues, Tom Annear, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (1320kb PDF format)
Instream Flow Segment Filings, Paul Dey, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (1340kb PDF format)
House Joint Memorial No. 1 in the Idaho Legislature
Tab Mc - Water Economics:
Western Irrigation Economic Benefits Review
Wyoming Business Council's 5 year Strategic Plan
Tab N - Water Quality:
Wyoming Groundwater Quality
Wyoming Stream Water Quality
Water Quality Issues Facing the Bear River Basin Across State Lines
Phosphate Mine Reclamation in the Cokeville, Wyoming Area Presentation by Evan Green, Director AML
Bear River Basin Water Quality Study Presentation, Eric Duffin & Scott Evans, Cirrus Ecological Solutions (369kb PDF format)
Bear River Water Quality Task Force/Bear Lake Regional Commission Activities (1945kb PDF)
Thomas Fork Stream Bank Stabilization Project/Bear River Quality Force Update (1945kb PDF)
Tab O - Wyoming Water Information:
Wyoming's Water Resources
Groundwater Resources
Floods and Droughts
Outline of Interstate & Policy Issues
WGFD Cutthroat Trout Management Presentation - Ron Remmick, WGFD
Wyoming Water Management and Conservation Presentation - Ron Vore, SEO
Snow Telemetry and Current Conditions - Dave Taylor, NRCS (1157kb PDF)
Tab P
Water Use By Activity / Water Measures and Equivalents
Glossary of Selected Hydrologic Terms
Tab Q
House Bill 93 and Enabling Legislation
Tab R - Bear River Basin Plan Draft Products:
Bear River Basin Proposed Basin Modeling / Availability Diagrams
Bear River Basin Hydrologic Modeling Presentation by Brad Anderson, Anderson Consulting
Example Operations Memo (172kb PFD format)
Basin Economics and Future Use Opportunities
Tab S
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Presentation by Erin Wilson, Leonard Rice Consulting
Tab T
Wyoming's Bear River Basin Final Plan Presentation - Clarence Kemp, Forsgren Associates

Tab V

Tab W


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