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Snake/Salt River Basin Advisory Group
Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

Item Size
Tab A - Basin Advisory Group Roster:
Basin Advisory Group Roster
Tab D - Consultant Information:
Scope of Services
Project Timeline
Hydrologic Modeling Presentation - Linda Williams, Boyle Engineering
Tab I - Databases:
USGS Water Data in Snake and Salt River Basins Presentation - Myron Brooks, USGS
Tab J - Maps:
Snake/Salt Basin Planning Map
Tab M - Water Quantity and Occurrence:
Upper Snake River Reservoir Flow Schematic
Snake River Operations Presentation - Mike Beus, USBR
Status of Current Drought and Related Issues Presentation - Jan Curtis, State Climatologist 617 kb
Water Conservation Opportunities & Technology Presentation - Ron Vore, WWDC 1943 kb
Tab Mc - Water Quality:
Upper Snake River Restoration Project - Randy Williams, Teton County Conservation District
Water Quality Monitoring Program - Brian Remlinger, Teton County Conservation District
Status of DEQ Subdivision Review - John Passehl, DEQ
Tab N - Water Law:
Snake River Compact
Roxana Decree
Snake River Compact and Wyoming Water Law Presentation - Sue Lowry, SEO
Tab P - Water Demands / Uses:
Hydrologic Impacts of Improved Irrigation Efficiencies Presentation - Brian Venn, UW Canal Modernization/North Canal Project (hardcopy only)
Tab Q - Environmental / Recreational:
Fisheries Management of the Snake and Salt River Basins Presentation - Tracy Stephens, WY G&F
Tab R - Basin Concerns
Seismological Characterization for Teton County
Seismological Characterization for Lincoln County
Earthquake Brochure