Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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Meeting Agenda

Platte River Basin Advisory Group

Wyoming Water Development Office, Downstairs Conference Room
6920 Yellowtail Road
Cheyenne, WY

May 11, 2015
6:00 pm

  1. Welcome
  2. Audience Introductions
  3. Platte River Basin Plan Update - Wenck Associates, Inc.
  4. Upper Laramie River and Middle North Platte-Glendo Watershed Sutdies: Jodie Pavlica and Tony Rutherford, Project Managers - WWDO
  5. North Platte Decree Committee: Pat Tyrrell, State Engineer - SEO
  6. Probable Maximum Precipitation Study: Dave Myer, Project Manager - WWDO
  7. Governor's Water Strategy: Harry LaBonde, Director - WWDO
  8. Weather Modification Program (Medicine Bow/Sierra Madre Ranges, Final Design and Permitting, and Laramie Range, Siting and Design Study): Harry LaBonde, Director - WWDO
  9. Roundtable discussion/topics
  10. Adjourn