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Platte River Basin Update

2016 Plan

Materials from the 2016 Platte River Basin Plan Update can be found below by clicking on the desired chapter or section. The Plan may be viewed in either HTML or in PDF. It is recommended that users download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (R) Reader to view the PDF files.

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PDF (109,263kb) Access the 2016 Platte River Basin Update Final Report here

PDF (18,861kb) Access the 2016 Platte River Basin Update Executive Summary here

PDF (3,328kb) Provides an overview of historic streamflow records, study period determination, indicator gage selection, gage filling and the methodology used to estimate ungaged tributary flow

PDF (70,477kb) The water uses that were evaluated in this study are the industrial,municipal, agricultural, recreational and environmental sectors.

PDF (5,366kb) Analyzes key projected changes in water use, basin demographics, economics, and water demands

PDF (16,094kb) Discusses the issues affecting water supply development and use in the Platte River Basin and strategies for developing water supplies to meet future demands

PDF (18,861kb) Access the 2016 Platte River Basin Update Executive Summary here

Individual spreadsheets were developed for each of the seven major subbasins of the Platte River System. Each subbasin was then divided into river reaches with a starting and ending node. The nodes were developed where a gage was present; a natural flow location was quantified, at a tributary confluence or the location of a major diversion. Water supply and use were imparted onto each reach to determine the amount of water anticipated withing each reach during a dry, wet and average hydrologic condition.

Each spreadsheet provides the water balance for each of the subbasins. The water balance estimates the amount of water provided to the entire subbasin by using either gaged flow or estimated flow from regression equations
Above Pathfinder Model
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Guernsey to the State Line Model
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Horse Creek Model
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Lower Laramie Model
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Pathfinder to Guernsey Model
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South Platte Model
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Upper Laramie Model
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