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Northeast River Basin Advisory Group

Presentations, Documents, and Handouts
From the 2002 Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

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Tab B - Mission Statement and Enabling Legislation:
Basin Advisory Group Mission Statement and Enabling Legislation
The Role of the BAG After the Plan Presentation Barry Lawrence, WWDC
Tab D Consultant Information:
Contact Information
Scope of Services
Project Timeline 13 kb
Scope of Work Presentation HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation, March 01, 2001 HKM Engineering
Water Rights Attribution Presentation HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation, April 12, 2001 HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation, June 14, 2001 HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation, October 11, 2001 HKM Engineering
Tab G Current WWDC River Basin Planning Efforts:
State of Wyoming Water Planning Questionnaire Report January 1998
1998 Bear River Basin Advisory Group Feasibility Study Final Report
Tab H Other Water Planning Efforts:
Weston County Natural Resource District Water Development Projects Caroll Nicholls, WCNRD 362 kb
Niobrara Conservation District Activities JoAnn Wade, NCD 21740 kb
Tab I Databases:
USGS Water Data in the NE River Basins Presentation Myron Brooks, USGS
Tab J Maps:
Wyoming Water Planning Basins Map
Planning Map for Northeast Wyoming
Tab M Water Quantity and Occurrence:
Status of the Current Drought and Related Issues Presentation Jan Curtis, State Climatologist 1,029 kb
Overview of the Ogallala Aquifer Institute Sue Lowry, SEO 1994 kb
High Plains Aquifer Darryl Parkin, SEO 964 kb
Snow Telemetry and 2004 Season Recap Dave Taylor, NRCS 2747 kb
Testing of Hydrological Models for Estimating Streamflow in Mountainous Areas Bruce Brinkman, WWDC 3738 kb
National Weather Service Activities in NE Wyoming Teresa Murphy, NWS 442 kb
Tab Mc Water Quality:
Total Maximum Daily Loads Presentation Jim Eisenhauer, DEQWQD
Campbell County Conservation District Activities Michelle Cook, CCCD 1280 kb
Tab N Coalbed Methane:
It's A Gas Wyoming Wildlife, June 2000 Issue
Modeling CBM Surface Water Impacts Using the Erosion Potential Modeler Greg Wilkerson, UW
Tab O Wyoming Water Law:
Yellowstone River Compact
Belle Fourche River Compact
Niobrara River Compact
Wyoming Water Law and its Compacts Presentation Sue Lowry, SEO
Wyoming Instream Flow Issues Tom Annear, WGFD 5221 kb
Tab Q Water Demands / Uses:
Keyhole Dam USBR DataWeb
Two Elk Generating Facility Fact Sheet
Aquatic Wildlife Resources in the NE River Basin Bob McDowell, WG&F 5966 kb
Belle Fourche Reservoir Environmental Assessment/Resource Management Plan Faye Streier/Curt Anderson, USBR 2442 kb
Tab R Final Planning Documents:
Final Plan Presentation Part 1 Basin Water Use Profile HKM Engineering
Final Plan Presentation Part 2 Available Surface Water and Ground Water Determination HKM Engineering
Final Plan Presentation Part 3 Water Demand Projections / Institutional Constraints, Future Water Use Opportunities, and Plan Uses HKM Engineering
Tab S Other Basin Resources:
Vore Buffalo Jump Gene Gade, UW Cooperative Extension Service