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Green River Basin Advisory Group
Meeting Record
Joint Powers Board Meeting Room
Green River, WY
November 14, 2007

The meeting generally followed the format of the agenda distributed by the WWDO and these meeting notes are formatted using the agenda as a template. Meeting notes are included in red italicized font.

. Room introductions and sign-in sheet

WWDO opening

Introduction of Basin Plan team

  WWDO . Phil Ogle, Chace Tavelli
  WRDS . Steve Gray, Chris Nicholson
  WYGS . Keith Clarey
  WWC Engineering . Murray Schroeder


  1. Goal is to meet every other month. This may be altered to tailor presentations.
  2. Rotational (GR/RS, Lyman, Kemmerer, Big Piney/Marbleton, Pinedale, Little Snake Basin)

  3. .Presentations about issues in the area. Helpful for gathering info for the plan
    .Opportunity for everyone to attend at least an area meeting
  4. Three hours

  5. .Last hour devoted to SEO
  6. Informative
  7. Participative

  8. .Information sharing process
    .Consultants and BAG discuss issues
    .Development of strategies together to help basin residents implement the plan. Every meeting if possible.
  9. Meeting time discussion from day to early evening

  10. .Gives more people an opportunity to attend after work


  1. Invitation Cards will be sent to alert you of an upcoming meeting based on information given on sign-in sheet

  2. .PLEASE PRINT and give all information so we can contact you or write down who the main contact should be.......town clerk, whomeverWebsite updates
    .Meeting minutes
    .General information
  3. Comment Cards (product of Framework Plan)

  4. .Opportunity for everyone to be heard (from framework)
  5. 10-min breaks




WWC and WSGS gave presentations on their specific scope of services in the planning project. These presentations can be found on the WRDS website.

(Link to WWC presentation; 4.2MB PDF)
(Link to WSGS presentation; 989KB PDF)

GRSWJPWB/Rock Springs/Green River presentation

(Link to GRSWJPWB/Rock Springs/Green River presentation; 2.5MB PDF)

Mr. Bryan Seppie presented information on water production trends, drought, and future operations. Some highlights include:
.The JPWB has seen about a 9% increase in water use over the last few years. Much of this change has been caused by increased industrial use and landscape watering. The increase in landscape watering has been due to the drought.
.Estimated actual population growth at 2 to 3%. This implies that 6 to 7% of the increased use was from industrial and landscape watering uses.
.The JPWB has seen reduces flows in the Green River during the drought years. This has caused more problems with turbid waters during storm events since the storms now represent a greater portion of the total flow. This has affected their operations but they have not been short of water.
.Even through the drought they have not had to institute conservation practices. Peak day uses have been about 23 Mgd and the plant is capable of producing 32 to 34 Mgd.
.Problems may occur in the future, because their water rights are junior to many other users. If there is a call on the river, the JPWB may find themselves short of water.

Srategies that Mr. Seppie offered strategies to address some of the important issues:

. Acquire alternative sources of supply

. Make process improvements

. Build raw water storage near the plant

Upper Green River JPB update . John Zebre

John commented that the proposed scope of the groundwater contract fell short of the JPB expectations. They would like a complete in depth study. John also commented on the positive progress of the Bolter Lake and Viva Naughten projects.

WRDS Update
Not provided due to time constraints.

(Link to SEO presentation; 1.6MB PDF)

John Shields provided an update on Colorado River studies, including the EIS project and the 7 States Agreement on Colorado River Operation and Management. His presentation can be found on the WRDS website.

Next meeting Kemmerer, January 29.