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Green River Basin Advisory Group
Meeting Record
Lyman Town Hall Courtroom
October 12, 1999


Joe Lord, facilitator, began the meeting with introductions of the audience that included members of the Basin Advisory Group, Water Development Commission staff, State Engineer's Office representatives, States West Water Resources representatives, UW and WRDS personnel, and interested members of the community.

Mr. Lord then handed out the agendas and explained that this meeting will be more of an "absorption" meeting instead of an interactive meeting, because of the number of scheduled presentations to be made.

De-earmarking Letter Update - Joe Lord

The legislative report still recommends the current proposal to de-earmark funds currently allocated to the water development program. The Green River Basin Advisory Group's (BAG's) letter was distributed to the legislature with the report of the Joint Legislative Committee.

A statement was made that it would be more effective if each of the BAG members contacted their legislators individually.

Planning Team

Special Issues Identification Meeting

A Special Meeting will be held November 6, 1999 from 9:00 AM - 4: 00 PM at the White Mountain Library in Rock Springs. This meeting will be to work on issues identification only and will be recorded by Mr. Lord. Lunch will be provided. The goal for this meeting is to have issues fully identified. An outline of potential issues information will be sent out prior to the meeting. Members who cannot attend this meeting and have comments on the issues are urged to send them to WWDC by November 5th. Results of the special meeting will be presented for discussion at the next BAG meeting.

Future Meetings

The next BAG meeting is scheduled for November 9th at 5:00 PM in Kemmerer (Location pending).

--December 14th meeting is cancelled.

--January 11th at 1:00 PM in Green River. (The early start time allows easier travel due to darkness and possible inclement weather.)

--February 15th in Farson (no time or location set yet).


Green River Basin Projects - John Jackson

On going projects in the Basin.

  1. The biggest project currently underway is sponsored by Rock Springs/Green River/Sweetwater county/Joint Power Board.
  2. Fayette Irrigation District project possibly will go to level III.
  3. Little Snake River small storage project.
  4. The Town of Baggs is developing a groundwater source.
  5. High Savery Reservoir.

Two new applications.

  1. Granger.
  2. Opal/Oakley.

A question was asked about the current projects' status if de-earmarking takes place. Mr. Jackson stated that the Water Development Commission would know after they meet with the legislature. Mr. Jackson implied current projects and/or contracts (with appropriations) are probably safe.

States West Water Resources: Consultant Update - Pat Tyrrell

This presentation reviewed the Wyoming State Water Plan - Green River Basin Plan's Scope of Work.

Local Presentations-Lower Green River Basin

Informational Presentation

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.