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Green River Basin Advisory Group
Meeting Record
May 10, 1999
White Mountain Library
Rock Springs, Wyoming

Group Membership

The Group discussed and finalized the makeup of the BAG. The CRBCC will continue its membership in the Group with additional members that volunteered at this meeting. The Planning Team will distribute a complete listing of the members of the BAG with the meeting record.

The Group also decided to encourage the participation of all interested parties by varying the location of the BAG meetings and soliciting audience participation during the meetings.

Ground Rules

Ground rules were discussed and additional rules added. It was decided that for the first few meetings name tents will be used to identify members, speakers should identify themselves by name and affiliation, and speakers should stand. The Group feels attendance at all meetings is important and that it is the responsibility of members who cannot attend to send an alternate, as well as to become informed of the meeting's events.

Preparation of Briefing Materials and Presentations

The following list of reference materials/presentations was requested by the Group to assist them in their work on Green River Basin issues. These materials will be provided in a looseleaf binder to accommodate updates.

Studies on water development projects in the region
Existing or proposed rehabilitation work
Tabulation of existing water rights
Identification of power withdrawals

Projected needs:
Presentation of "The Law of the River" by the SEO
Presentation by the Wyoming Business Council
Existing water law and legal precedents (both intrastate and interstate)
Colorado River Compact information
Pertinent legislation
CRBCC briefing materials
Time line for work in the basin, including a scope of work for the consultant
Federal agency planning documents
Downstream demands and projections
A primer on water quality
Current DEQ information on the Green River Basin
All applicable federal regulations regarding water planning
Historical and/or pending legal challenges
The WACD CWAP lawsuit
Point of contact information for the Planning Team
Economics of water in the basin
Hydrologic information
Treaty with Mexico
CRBCC roster
Presentation by the AG on water law and issues

Additionally, the Group requested that the Planning Team prepare a biographical sketch of each member of the Group. This will help them to understand the different perspectives contained in the Group and allow members to become better acquainted.

Meeting Dates

The Group agreed to meet regularly on the second Tuesday of each month beginning in July. Meetings will begin at 5:00pm.

Meeting Locations

The Group selected the meeting locations for the next three meetings. Subsequent locations will be determined by the Group at a later date.

July 13, 1999 Pinedale
August 10, 1999 Little Snake Valley
September14, 1999 Big Piney / Marbleton

The Planning Team will make all meeting arrangements and notify members.