Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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Wyoming State Water Plan - Green River Basin

Review of Scope of Work
Reference Notebook, Tab "G"

1. Attend Project Meetings

2. Basin Water Use Profile
2A. Agricultural Use (irrigated acreage, crop types, CU, source of supply, diversion records.
2B. Municipal and Domestic Use
2C. Industrial Use
2D. Recreational Use (boating, fishing, etc.)
2E. Environmental Use (minimum reservoir pools, instream flows, wetlands, etc.)
2F. Water Use from Storage

3. Available Surface Water and Groundwater Determination
3A. Surface Water Data Collection and Study Period Selection
3B. Surface Water Data Synthesis and Model Development
3C. Surface Water Model Calibration
3D. Available Surface Water Determination
3E. Available Groundwater Determination

4. Demand Projections
4A. Review Socioeconomic, Economic, Demographic and Other Data Sources
4B. Identify Planning Scenarios
4C. Define Methodology
4D. Construct and Calibrate Economic and Demographic Forecasting Model
4E. Project Water Demands
4F. Consistency Review with Bear River Basin Team

5. Future Water Use Opportunities
5A. Issues Affecting Future Use Opportunities (CWA, ESA, SDWA, Colorado River Compact)
5B. Water Use Components Screening Criteria
5C. Long-List of Future Water Use Opportunities
5D. Short List of Future Water Use Opportunities
5E. Rank Short List of Future Water Use Opportunities
5F. Water Quality Issues (TMDL's, Salinity Reduction Program, etc.)

6. Basin Advisory Group Discretionary Task

7. Standards for Basin Water Plans

8. Basin Planning Report