Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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Principal Federal Dams and Reservoirs in the Colorado River Basin

Owner Purposes Maximum Storage
Upper Basin
Fontenelle Res. Green R. (Wyoming) USBR Power, flood control, fish and wildlife, recreation 344,800
Flaming Gorge Res. Green R. (Utah, Wyo.) USBR River regulation, power, recreation, fish and wildlife. 3,749,000
Blue Mesa Res. Gunnison R. (Colo.) USBR Water Conservation, river regulation, power, recreation, fish and wildlife 829,500
Morrow Point Res. Gunnison R. (Colo.) USBR Power 117,000
Crystal Dam & Res. Gunnison R. (Colo.) USBR Reregulation of Morrow Point releases, power 17,600
Navajo Dam & Res. San Juan R. (New Mex.) USBR Water conservation, flood control, recreation 1,696,400
Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell Colorado R. (Ariz., Utah) USBR Power, recreation, fish and wildlife 25,002,000
Lower Basin
Hoover Dam, Lake Mead Colorado R. (Nev., Ariz.) USBR Flood control, water conservation, power, recreation, fish and wildlife 27,377,000
Davis Dam, Lake Mohave Colorado R. (Nev., Ariz.) USBR Reregulation, water conservation, power, recreation 1,810,000
Parker Dam, Lake Havasu Colorado R. (Nev., Ariz.) USBR Forebay for MWD aqueduct power, flood control, river regulation, recreation 619,400
Alamo Dam and Res. Bill Williams (Ariz.) COE Flood control, water conservation, and recreation 1,043,000
Painted Rock Dam and Res. Gila (Ariz.) COE Flood Control 2,491,700

Note: Some dams on lower basin tributaries are not included because of their limited effect on the River, which is due to distance from the main stem and relatively dry watersheds. Diversion dams providing little or no storage are not included.