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Wind/Bighorn River Basin Advisory Group

Presentations Documents and Handouts

Below are links to the 2009 Wind/Bighornn River BAG meeting Presentations, Documents and Handouts.

The Online Comment Card is a form designed for interested stakeholders to offer input to the River Basin Planning effort. All comments are encouraged, including issues, strategies, and suggestions.

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Item Size Date
Issues from the 2009 Basin Update 11 kb

Presentations, Document, and Handouts
From the 2003 Reference Notebook

Item Size
Tab D - Consultant Information:
Consultant Update Presentation - BRS Engineering, 6/26/2001  
Tab H - Other Water Planning Efforts:
Wind River Reservoir Studies Presentation - Phil Ogle, WWDC  
Kirby Creek Watershed Plan - Evan Simpson 1737 kb
Wapiti CRM Presentation - Bernie Spanogle, WRCRM 9988 kb
Owl Creek Level I Study - Frank Grimes, Nelson Engineers 400 kb
Tab I - Databases:
USGS Data Collection and Monitoring Presentation - Myron Brooks, USGS  
USFS Integrated Resource Inventory, Bighorn and Shoshone National Forests - Brad Higginson 2609 kb
Tab J - Maps:
Wind/Bighorn Basin Planning Map  
Wind/Bighorn Basin Ownership Map
Tab K - Bibliographies:
USGS Reports Inventory: Northwest R.
Tab M - Water Quantity and Occurrence:
Status of the Current Drought and Related Issues Presentation - Jan Curtis, State Climatologist 966 kb
Water Conservation Opportunities & Technology Presentation - Ron Vore, WWDC 1943 kb
Wind River Glaciers - Greg Kerr, University of Wyoming 5271 kb
Fremont County Drought Task Force 1923 kb
Middle Fork Pop Agie Flood Control 2659 kb
Testing Hydrologic Models for Estimating Streamflows 966 kb
Snow Telemetry and 2004 Season Recap - Dave Taylor, NRCS 2747 kb
Midvale Conservation Program - Brad Anderson, Anderson Consulting 4781 kb
Winter Season Outlook Presentation - Jim Fahey, NWS 2923 kb
Tab Mc - Water Quality:
TMDL's and Effect on Watershed Planning Presentation - Chuck Harnish, DEQ
Shoshone National Forest Watershed Management Program - Greg Bevenger 1831 kb
Bighorn Canyon Water Quality Monitoring Plan - Sue O'Ney, NPS 1207 kb
Tab N - Water Law:
Yellowstone River Compact  
Instream Flow, State Statute Article 10  
Yellowstone River Compact and Water Law Presentation - Sue Lowry, SEO  
SEO Water Division III Update 854 kb
Instream Flow Issues and Filings 2370 kb
Water Year 2004 Recap Presentation - Loren Smith, SEO 129 kb
Tab P - Water Demand/Uses:
Crop Water Requirements and Other Insights Presentation - Dr. Alan Gray, Powell R&E Center  
Current Conditions and Operation of the River System in the Wind/Bighorn Basins - John Lawson, USBR 6372 kb
Shoshone Municipal Pipeline - Lowell Anderson 1012 kb
Tab R - Tribal:
Tribal Water Presentation - Gary Collins, Tribal Water Engineer's Office  
Tribal Water Presentation - Dave Haire 167 kb