Wyoming State Water Plan, Wyoming Water Development Office
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Mission Statement

Wyoming River Basins

The Wyoming River Basin Plans quantify existing water uses and project future needs of this important resource. Visit the mission statement page to learn more.

History of the State Water Plan

State Water Plan Cover

In 1997 the Legislature directed the WWDC to conduct a Water Planning Feasibility Study with the assisstance of the University of Wyoming (UW). Learn more about the State Water Planning History here.
Wyoming STate Planning Process Feasibility Report Cover

Wyoming State Water Plan Feasibility Report (1998)

A Report for Updating the STate Water Plan: Cover

Wyoming Water Planning: A Report For Updating the State Water Plan (1996)

Screenshot of Wyoming Water Planning Questionnaire Report

Water Planning Questionnaire Report (1998)

Library  Wyoming Water Planning Historical Documents
Past Planning documents are housed at the University of Wyoming Water Resources Data System (WRDS) and can be accessed through the WRDS library.