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Wind / Bighorn River
Basin Advisory Group Meeting
American Legion
Powell, WY
December 17, 2002
3 - 6 PM

I.   Welcome
- Klodette Stroh
- Facilitator Introductions
- Expectations for the Meeting
- Pass Around Sign-in Sheet

II.   Planning Team Issues

III.   Population/Demand Projections - Curt Pendergraft

IV.   Water Supply/Demand Discussion
- Surface Water Availability - Jerry Gibbens
- Ground Water Availability - Chris Lidstone

V.   Power Generation
- Hydro Power - Jerry Gibbens
- Fossil Fuel - Doug Beahm

Break (time approximate)

VI.   Project Opportunities
- Long List
- Criteria
- Short List

VII.   Public Comment


Wind/Bighorn River Basins
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