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Water Development Office

Wyoming State Water Plan - Wind/Bighorn River Basin Advisory Group: Reference Notebook, Table of Contents

Wind/Bighorn River Basin Advisory Group
Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

Tab A - Basin Advisory Group Roster
Basin Advisory Group Roster

Tab B - Mission Statement and Legislation
Basin Advisory Group Mission Statement and Enabling Legislation

Tab C - Wyoming Water Planning Team Agencies:
Contact Information
Water Development Commission
State Engineer's Office
Water Resources Data System
Overview of the State Engineer's Office (SEO) (1337kb PDF)

Tab D - Consultant Information:
Contact Information
Scope of Services
Project Timeline
Consultant Update Presentation, June 26, 2001 - BRS Engineering

Tab E - Agendas
Basin Advisory Group Agendas

Tab F - Meeting Records
Basin Advisory Group Meeting Records

Tab G - Current WWDC River Basin Planning Efforts:
State of Wyoming Water Planning Questionnaire Report - January 1998
1998 Bear River Basin Advisory Group Feasibility Study Final Report
Green River Basin Plan Executive Summary

Tab H - Other Water Planning Efforts:
Water Resources Planning Coordination in Wyoming
Dept. of Agriculture Coordinated Resources Management
Governor's Drought Management Task Force Presentation - Grant Stumbaugh, WY Dept. of Ag (14 kb PDF)
Drought Information from UW CES
Wind River Reservoir Studies Presentation - Phil Ogle, WWDC
Kirby Creek Watershed Plan - Evan Simpson (1737 kb PDF)
Wapiti CRM Presentation - Bernie Spanogle, WRCRM (9988 kb PDF)
Owl Creek Level I Study - Frank Grimes, Nelson Engineers (400 kb PDF)

Water Resources Information Sources

Tab I - Databases:
Water Resources Data System
Statewide Data Inventory
Water Plan Website
Selected Water Resources Web Sites
USGS Data Collection and Monitoring Presentation - Myron Brooks, USGS
US Forest Service Integrated Resource Inventory, Bighorn and Shoshone National Forests - Brad Higginson (2609kb PDF)

Tab J - Maps:
Wyoming Water Planning Basins Map
Wind/Bighorn Basin Planning Map
Wind/Bighorn Basin Ownership Map

Tab K - Bibliographies:
WWDC Reports
USGS Reports Inventory: Northwest R.

Tab L - Other Information:
Water Use by Activity
Water Measures and Equivalents
Glossary of Selected Hydrologic Terms

Topical Information

Tab M - Water Quantity and Occurrence:
Wyomings Water Resources
Wyoming Water Supply and Use
Wyoming Floods and Droughts
Groundwater Resources
Status of the Current Drought and Related Issues Presentation - Jan Curtis, State Climatologist (PDF Format - 966kb)
Water Conservation Opportunities & Technology Presentation - Ron Vore, WWDC (PDF Format - 1,943kb)
Wind River Glaciers - Greg Kerr, University of Wyoming (PDF Format - 5,271kb)
Fremont County Drought Task Force (1923 kb PDF)
Middle Fork Pop Agie Flood Control (2659 kb PDF)
Testing Hydrologic Models for Estimating Streamflows (966 kb PDF)
Snow Telemetry and 2004 Season Recap - Dave Taylor, NRCS (2747kb PDF)
Midvale Conservation Program - Brad Anderson, Anderson Consulting (4781kb PDF)
Winter Season Outlook Presentation - Jim Fahey, NWS (2923 kb PDF)

Tab Mc - Water Quality:
Wyoming Groundwater Quality
Wyoming Stream Water Quality
TMDL's and Effect on Watershed Planning Presentation - Chuck Harnish, DEQ
Shoshone National Forest Watershed Management Program - Greg Bevenger (1831kb PDF)
Bighorn Canyon Water Quality Monitoring Plan - Sue O'Ney, NPS (1207kb PDF)

Tab N - Water Law:
Wyoming Water Law - A Summary
Wyoming River Basin Compacts and Decrees
Yellowstone River Compact
Instream Flow, State Statute Article 10
Yellowstone River Compact and Water Law Presentation - Sue Lowry, SEO
SEO Water Division III Update (854kb PDF)
Instream Flow Issues and Filings (2370 kb PDF)
Water Year 2004 Recap Presentation - Loren Smith, SEO (129 kb PDF)

Tab O - Federal Laws and Regulations:
Clean Water Act (CWA)
Clean Water Act
Section 404 of the CWA
Endangered Species Act
A Summary of the ESA and Implementation Activities
Endangered, Threatened, Proposed, Petitioned and Candidate Species of Wyoming (PDF Format - 312kb)
National Environmental Policy Act

Tab P - Water Demands / Uses:
Crop Water Requirements and Other Insights Presentation - Dr. Alan Gray, Powell R&E Center
Current Conditions and Operation of the River System in the Wind/Bighorn Basins - John Lawson, USBR (PDF Format - 6,372kb)
Shoshone Municipal Pipeline - Lowell Anderson (1012kb PDF)

Tab Q - Bighorn Adjudication

Tab R - Tribal
Tribal Water Presentation - Gary Collins, Tribal Water Engineer's Office
Tribal Water Presentation - Dave Haire (PDF Format - 167kb)

Tab S - Environmental/Recreational
Fisheries of the Bighorn River Presentation - Steve Yiekel, Wyoming Game & Fish
Fisheries of the Wind River Presentation - Joe Deromedi, Wyoming Game & Fish
Recreation in the Basin: Wyoming State Park Website
Wyoming State Parks Website: Boysen
Wyoming State Parks Website: Medicine Lodge
Wyoming State Parks Website: Buffalo Bill
Wyoming State Parks Website: Hot Springs
Wyoming State Parks Website: Sinks Canyon

Tab T

Tab V

Tab W

Tab XYZ - Wind/Bighorn River Basin Plan Draft Products:

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