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Statewide Data Inventory

Tongue/Powder River Basin

Index of Themes

  • Surface Water Quality
    Point Samples
  • Surface Water Quantity
    Surface Water Allocation
    Reservoir Storage
  • Surface Water Hydrography
    Stream Networks
    Wetlands, Floodplains and Riparian
    Control Structures
  • Ground Water Quality
    Point Samples
  • Ground Water Quantity
    Point Samples
    Ground Water Allocation
  • Climate and Atmospheric Resources
  • Land and Biological Resources
    Land Use/Land Cover
    Soil Resources
    Coal, Mineral and Geothermal Resources
  • Boundaries and Administrative Units
    Governmental Boundaries
    Land Parcels
    Public Land Survey System
  • Source Layers
    Standard Series Base Maps
    Imagery and Aerial Photography
  • Bibliographic Citations
  • Other
  • Last Modified: Thursday, 13 September 2007

    Index of the Statewide Data Inventory
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