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South Platte River Basin (GIS Data)

Theme: Ground Water Quantity

Dataset Name: Depth to Initial Ground Water

Spatial Extent

Source Agency:Wyoming Water Resources Center
Geographic Information Systems

Dataset Description:

This is an interpolated (Kriging algorithm), 100-meter grid of depth to initial groundwater for the state of Wyoming based on Wyoming State Engineer's Office (SEO) ground water well permits. Approximately 88,000 permits were retrieved from SEO's Advanced Revolution (AREV) database and imported into ARC/INFO. Wells are located to the nearest Public Land Survey System quarter-quarter section (40 acre parcel) and therefore in many alluvial valleys up to 30 well points are shown in the same location. For this analysis only one well per quarter-quarter section was used, normally the shallowest well drilled in recent years. Industrial and municipal wells were excluded from the analysis. Several quality control procedures were performed on the data and finally the remaining 36,000 wells were interpolated based on geologic age of the aquifer.

Dataset Utility:

The data was created for the Ground-Water Vulnerability Mapping project. It can be used for regional scale planning efforts. Because ground water depth is inherently variable within small areas, site specific analysis should be performed before decisions based on ground water depth are made.

Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center
PO Box 4008
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071
(307) 766-2532
Data Type: Grid-cell or image
Completeness: Complete
Currentness: 1900-1992 well data
Distribution Policy: Unrestricted
Fee: None
Method of Access:
Redistribution Agencies:None

Last Modified: Thursday, 13 September 2007

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