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Powder/Tongue River Basins Plan
2017 Update

Park Reservoir
In 1999, the Legislature initiated the Statewide Water Planning Process (Process). The intent of the new program was to update the River Basin Plans completed in the 1960's and 1970's. To ensure that the River Basin Plans were always kept current, the Process was structured to include updates for the individual plans and the Framework Plan on a 5 to 10 year interval.

The Process began with an appropriation to fund the Bear and Green River Basin Plans. Those plans were completed in December 2000. The 2000 Legislature appropriated funding for the Powder/Tongue River Basins, and the Northeast Wyoming (Little Missouri, Belle Fourche, Cheyenne, Niobrara) River Basin Plans. Those plans were completed in December 2001. The next basin plans undertaken were the Wind/Bighorn and the Snake/Salt River Basins. Those plans were completed in 2002. The Platte River Basin Plan was started in 2003 and completed in June of 2006. With completion of the Platte River Basin Plan, all seven basin plans had been completed. The Statewide Framework Plan was authorized in 2005 and completed in 2007.

With the completion of the Framework Plan it was time to begin an update of the seven basin plans. The first two plans to be updated were the Green and Wind/Bighorn River Basins; they were finished in 2010. The next plan to be updated was the Bear River Basin Plan. This plan was completed by in house and was finished in 2011. Like the Bear River Basin Plan Update, the Snake/Salt River Basin Plan Update was completed in house and was finished in 2015. The update of the Platte River Basin Plan was initiated in June of 2014 and is ongoing. The remaining basins to be updated are the Northeast and the Powder/Tongue.

During the 2015 Legislative session, $375,000 was appropriated to complete the update of the Powder/Tongue and Northeast River Basin Plans. These two plans are being updated concurrently. Included will be an update of information that was developed in the first Powder/Tongue and Northeast River Basin Plans as well as the following new items: annual and peak runoff estimates for each of the hydrologic unit code (HUC) 12 watersheds in the study area; a closer review of environmental and recreational use and how those uses fit with traditional uses; and a task to identify forested watersheds that contribute to reservoirs for municipal and irrigation water supplies that may be at risk due to the effects of catastrophic forest fires.

For information about the Powder/Tongue and Northeast Wyoming River Basin Plans visit:

Powder/Tongue River Basin main page
Northeast WY River Basin main page

Upcoming Public Meeting

Meeting Flyer

September 14th 2015:
Monday 3-8pm - Fuller Library Inner Circle Room; 335 W Alger St. Sheridan, WY

Spetmeber 15th 2015:
Tuesday 3-8pm - USDA Forest Service Building; 1225 Washington St. Newcastle, WY

September 16th 2015:
Wednesday 3-8pm - Harold Jarrard Park Community Building Kaycee, WY

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