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River Basin Planning Background

Platte Basin Timelaspse

2006 Platte River Basin Plan

This web page is intended to provide you with information regarding the update to the State of Wyoming's Platte River Basin Plan. The Water Development Office is using this page to provide regular updates on Plan progress, Basin Advisory Committee activities, and draft documents.



Watch the Platte Update meeting held in Laramie

A public Draft of the Plan is now available for review. Written comments should be emailed to Peter Gill ( by February 24th, 2017.

Overview - Platte River Basin Plan Overview (7Mb)

Vol. 1 . Executive Summary (5Mb)

Vol. 2 - Surface Water Resources Analysis (1Mb) This document summarizes the modeling methods, limitations, and results of the water balance work.

Vol. 3 - Basin Surface Water Use Profile (15Mb) This document assesses and updates water use in the Wyoming portion of the Platte. The water uses that were evaluated in this study are the industrial, municipal, agricultural, recreational and environmental sectors. Water storage is reviewed with a special emphasis on the non-federal reservoirs in the Upper North Platte Subbasin.

Vol. 4 - Water Demand Projections (4.5Mb) This document estimates changes in economics that would affect water use 30 years in the future. It looks at projected changes in water use based on demographics, employment, and economic sectors under three growth scenarios.

Vol. 5 - Future Water Use Issues and Water Supply Strategies (5Mb) This document discusses Interstate Decrees and Settlements, Water Quality, Climate, Conservation, and Water Supply Strategies.

About the Platte River

The Platte River Basin encompasses nearly one quarter of the land area of Wyoming, and includes 54 active municipalities and community public water systems. The basin is home to 41% of the State's population. The Platte River Basin is part of the Missouri-Mississippi River Basin. The headwaters of the North Platte originate with streams east of the Continental Divide located in the mountains surrounding North Park in Colorado and the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range mountains of southern Wyoming. The river flows northerly through central Wyoming and east on to Nebraska, gathering an average annual run-off of 1.4 million acre-feet. In central Nebraska, the North and South Platte rivers join to form the Platte River flowing eastward to the Missouri River south of Omaha, Nebraska.

More information about each of the seven Platte River watersheds can be found in the Wyoming Water and Climate Atlas.


For more information about the Platte River Basin Plan visit:

Platte River Basin main page

Progress Reports:

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