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Wind/Bighorn River Basin Water Plan
2010 Spreadsheet Models

The spreadsheet models developed for the previous Wind-Bighorn Basin Plan were used for the Basin Plan Update. These spreadsheet models were documented in Technical Memorandum 3B/3C Spreadsheet Model Development and Calibration (MWH 2003) of the previous Basin Plan. Except for updates to input data sets (documented in other technical memoranda as part of the Basin Plan Update) and the changes documented within the text of this memorandum, the spreadsheet models remain mostly unchanged from the previous Basin Plan.

The most extensive modification to the spreadsheet models is the development of a hydrologic database that is incorporated directly into the spreadsheet model by being dynamically queried to populate the spreadsheet model input datasets. Previous versions of the spreadsheet model incorporated "cut-and-paste" methods from separate spreadsheet data sources to populate the spreadsheet models. The updated methods provide a much quicker and more reliable method for populating the spreadsheet models, and maintain a historical documentation of calculation methods. The database was configured to allow migration to other basin plans.

Please Read Task 4B - Spreadsheet Model and Hydrologial Database for instructions on using the model.

 Click Here To Download the 2010 Model

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