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Available Groundwater Determination
Technical Memorandum

Wind/Bighorn River Basin Water Plan II
Groundwater Study Level I

The present Available Groundwater Determination Technical Memorandum updates the 2003 Technical Memorandum; it will inform revisions of the 2003 Wind/Bighorn River Basin Plan and the 2007 Wyoming Framework Water Plan. It presents a new compilation of available information on the groundwater resources of the WBRB. While original maps and tables were developed for this memorandum, no original investigations were performed.

For information on the Wind/Bighorn River Basin Groundwater from the Wyoming State Geological Survey click here.

PDF Chapter
26,481 kb   Complete Report
997 kb   Title page and Table of Contents
968 kb   Chapter 1 - Introduction
84 kb   Chapter 2 - Background
1,521 kb   Chapter 3 - Description of the Study Area
654 kb   Chapter 4 - Geologic Setting
5,005 kb   Chapter 5 - Technical Concepts: Hydrogeology and Groundwater Quality
3,860 kb   Chapter 6 - WBRB Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources
5,789 kb   Chapter 7 - Hydrogeologic Units - Physical and Chemical Characteristics
7,054 kb   Chapter 8 - Groundwater Development and Use
88 kb   Chapter 9 - Looking to the Future
1,638 kb   Appendices
163 kb   References
PDF Plate
6,302 kb   Plate I - Surface Geology
203 kb   Plate II - Relation of lithostratigraphic units to hydrogeologic units
214 kb   Plate III - Relation of lithostratigraphic units to hydrogeologic units
5,132 kb   Plate IV - Surface Hydrogeology
354 kb   Plate V - Geologic units - Lithostratigraphic units - Hydrogeologic units
13,799 kb   Plate VI - Geologic cross sections
2,028 kb   Plate VII - Isopach Maps of Selected Aquifers
2,330 kb   Plate VIII - Isopach Maps of Selected Aquifers
5,229 kb   Plate X - Surface Hydrogeology with WSEO Permitted and Completed Wells
920 kb   Plate XII - Predevelopment potentiometric surface of the Tensleep aquifer in the Bighorn Basin
1,832 kb   Plate XIII - Potentiometric surface of the upper part of the Paleozoic aquifer system
1,111 kb   Plate XIV - Potentiometric surface of the Madison-Bighorn aquifer in the northeastern Bighorn Basin
1,372 kb   Plate XV - Potentiometric surface of the Madison.Bighorn aquifer, Ten Sleep area of the Bighorn Basin

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