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USGS Water Data in the Snake and Salt River Basins


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USGS Water Data in the Snake and Salt River Basins

Questions to be Considered


USGS History


The basic piece of data collected at gaging stations is Stream Stage

Stage can be sensed using STILLING WELLS

Stage can also be sensed using PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS

Most users of streamflow information need to know stream discharge

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Discharge measurements are used to develop rating curves

To maintain ratings, discharge must be measured regularly

Discharge must be measured at all stages

Discharge measurements during high stages are particularly important

Equal Width Increment Sampling

What you do after the Sample is Collected Matters

National Water Quality Laboratory Lakewood, CO


Available Gaging Records in the Snake/ Salt Basin

Years of Record for Streamgages in Snake/Salt Basin


Data from USGS gaging stations can be used to meet a variety of needs

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Average Annual Streanflow, Snake River near Moran

“Typical” Chemistry, Snake River at Flagg Ranch

Snake River at Flagg Ranch, Specific Conductance vs. Discharge

Snake River at Moran, Specific Conductance vs. Discharge

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Author: mhbrooks

Snake/Salt River Basin Reference Notebook Table of Contents
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