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Powder / Tongue River Basin Advisory Group
Reference Notebook

Table of Contents

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Item Size
Tab A - Basin Advisory Group Roster:
Basin Advisory Group Roster
Tab B - Mission Statement and Enabling Legislation:
Issues Identification Document 54 kb
Tab D - Consultant Information:
Scope of Services
Project Timeline 13 kb
Scope of Work Presentation - HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation Februrary 28, 2001 - HKM Engineering
Water Right Attribution Presentation - HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation April 11, 2001 - HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation June 13, 2001 - HKM Engineering
Consultant Update Presentation October 10, 2001 - HKM Engineering
Tab H - Other Water Planning Efforts:
Science Camp Presentation - Wendy Wagoner, PRCD 5711 kb
Resource, Conservation & Development - Aaron Waller, NE Wyo RC&D 9676 kb
Tab I - Databases:
USGS Water Data in the PT River Basins Presentation, Myron Brooks, USGS
Tab J - Maps:
Powder/Tongue Basin Planning Map
Tab M - Water Quantity and Occurrence:
Status of Current Drought and Related Issues Presentation - Jan Curtis, State Climatologist 617 kb
Snow Telemetry and 2004 Season Recap - Dave Taylor, NRCS 2747 kb
Testing of Hydrological Models for Estimating Streamflow in Mountainous Areas - Bruce Brinkman, WWDC 3738 kb
Kaycee Flood Presentation - Wendy Wagoner, PRCD 825 kb
Winter Season Outlook Presentation - Joe Sullivan, NWS 2642 kb
Tab Mc - Water Quality:
Treating Roads and Trails to Improve Watershed Conditions - Dan Scaife, US Forest Service 1164 kb
Salt Creek Watershed Assessment Presentation - Bruce Nelson, EDE 4913 kb
Tab N - Coalbed Methane:
It's A Gas - Wyoming Wildlife, June 2000 Issue
Ucross Coal Bed Methane Research Project Presentation, Mark Gordon
Modeling CBM Surface Water Impacts Using the Erosion Potential Modeler - Greg Wilkerson, UW
Tab O - Wyoming Water Law:
Yellowstone River Compact
Belle Fourche River Compact
Niobrara River Compact
Instream Flow, State Statute Article 10
Wyoming Water Law and its Compacts Presentation, Sue Lowry, SEO
Tab Q - Water Demands / Uses:
Aquatic Wildlife Resources in the Powder/Tongue River Basins Presentation - Bob McDowell, WG&F 4793 kb
Ranchester Level 1 Study / Dayton Water System Improvements Presentation - Dave Engels, EnTech 4038 kb
DOE Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC) - Lorri Kirby, DOE 1244 kb
Lake DeSmet Master Plan / Reservoir Rehabilitation - Mike Cole, HKM Engineering 4395 kb
Tab R - Final Planning Documents
Final Presentation Part 1 - Basin Water Use Profile - HKM Engineering
Final Presentation Part 2 - Available Surface Water and Ground Water Determination - HKM Engineering
Final Presentation Part 3 - Water Demand Projects / Institutional Constraints, Future Water Use Opportunities, and Plan Uses - HKM Engineering