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Northeast Wyoming River Basin
Meeting Record
Lusk, WY
April 21, 2005

Facilitator Dale Gregory welcomed the group and the meeting was called to order at 1:04 p.m. All attendees introduced themselves, followed by a review of the overall meeting agenda. A sign-in sheet was passed around to record attendance. The next meeting is scheduled for August 4, 2005 in Gillette.

Planning Team Issues
Barry Lawrence, WWDC River Basin Planner, distributed copies of past presentations to be added to the basin advisory group reference notebook. He then updated the group on the status of the planning processes for the Bear, Green, Snake/Salt, Powder/Tongue, Wind/Bighorn and Platte River Basins. He detailed the activities in each, as well as the invited BAG speakers, and consultant work in progress (if applicable). He concluded his remarks by discussing the past legislative session and pending new projects in the basin, and the retirement of John Jackson, WWDC Deputy Director.

Wyoming Research Potential – Sue Niezgoda, UW Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering
Ms. Niezgoda began by introducing herself to the basin advisory group as a new assistant professor in the Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering at the University of Wyoming. She further detailed her background, research interests, and purpose for addressing the group. She discussed possible research projects and encouraged the attendees to contact her with other potential research topics that could be addressed. Ms. Niezgoda may be reached at 766-3120, or via email at:

Outdoor Education Activities -- JoAnn Wade, Niobrara Conservation District
JoAnn Wade described the various outdoor activities on the “Niobrara Magic School Bus Ride” sponsored by the Niobrara Conservation District from 1996-2003. Activities included visiting various ranches in the area, water quality monitoring of creeks and ponds, science camps, and studying fire ecology associated with the Elk Mountain fire with follow-up classroom visits. Adult education conducted by the district included carbon sequestration, a voluntary water quality monitoring program and the development of the Cheyenne River Watershed Technical working group. She discussed lessons learned in making activities happen and the various federal, state and local agencies that assisted with the outdoor activities.

Wyoming Drought Update – Jan Curtis, Water Resources Data System (WRDS) & State Climate Office
Mr. Curtis went through the current drought conditions across the state while also focusing attention to the Northeast Wyoming Basin. He presented numerous viewgraphs depicting long-range forecasts from a variety of sources. He went on to assert that he believed that the drought was “ebbing”. Discussion followed.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

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