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Water Development Office

Bear River Basin Advisory Group
Meeting Record
Evanston, WY
July 12, 1999


John Talbot started with introductions of the Basin Advisory Group, Water Development Commission staff, State Engineer’s Office representatives, Forsgren and Associates representatives, and members of the audience. Mr. Talbot then summarized expectations for the meeting.

Review of Legislative Session and Current Status

Jon Wade & Barry Lawrence presented an update of the history of water planning, outlined the Wyoming Water Plan Feasibility Study and reviewed the recommendations from that report. Jon and Barry also summarized; the activities of the group since the fall of 1998, the planning team and its roles, the Consultant selection processes, and provided web sites and email addresses.

BAG Membership

Some of the BAG members could no longer participate in the advisory group. Those members were identified and replacements were discussed.

Previous Members Representing Replacement Alternate
Allan Cowardin Recreation Pat Thompson Wade Henderson
Hight Proffitt Western WY RC&D Ralph Stahley Peggy Rounds
Aaron Martin Uinta County Craig Welling Jon Wade to check
Allan Burton Cokeville Municipality Kelly Hoffman Jon Wade to check
Eric Heltzel Environmental Phil Orton Stewart Hayduke

Consultant Schedule and Work Tasks

Clarence Kemp reviewed the consultant schedule. Completion is scheduled for 11/2000. Forsgren has subcontracted with Leonard Rice and Associates, Anderson Associates, and BBC Research and Consulting. Data will be reviewed from previous studies that will aid in the water planning process. Arc/Info will be utilized to create GIS layers. This program will be used to show the different options and possibilities for beneficially using Wyoming’s water. Clarence also summarized the scope of the project, the role of the BAG, the screening issues, and the impacts. The consultants should have information available for review by the BAG on the website later this fall. Jon Wade summarized what is now available on the website, which is hosted by Water Resources Data System (WRDS). The WRDS library and SEO library have information available for the basins to add to their collections.


Discussion on Future Educational Presentations to BAG

Information that BAG members need to become more effective and better informed will be presented at future BAG meetings. Those topics are as follows:

  • Question on allocation and future demands and growth.
  • Security issues for the water users with increased demand and development.
  • Protection through Bear River Compact.
  • SEO summary of allocations/compact elements
  • Development of program for local presentations to local interest groups such as Lions Club, etc.
  • Storage proposals listings and descriptions
  • Water conservation practices and funding
  • Current proposals on species status and water flows/rights/allocations
  • Instream flow - rationale for identification
  • Bear River Water Quality Task Force presentations on interstate standards
  • WY Water Export Law
  • Utah’s rights on Upper Bear for diversion under the Compact
  • Species introductions and federal agencies authority
  • Chapter 1 Water Quality regulations and surface water classifications
  • Executive summary of the Scope of Work and BAG report

Issues Identification

The BAG discussed the issues that were most important to them. These will be addressed at future meetings. The transition between the previous issues identification work and the Scope of Services were discussed and was decided to be visited at a later date. Additionally, the influence of water quality on water management and water rights was identified as an issue for later meetings.

Biographical Questionnaires were passed out to the BAG to be filled out and returned to Jon Wade or brought to next meeting.

Future Meeting Places

Monday, August 9, 1999 - Kemmerer at 6:00 PM
Monday, September 13, 1999 – Cokeville @ 6:00 PM

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