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Bear River Basin Advisory Group
Meeting Record
Evanston, WY
May 17, 1999

State Water Planning Efforts

Sue Lowry, Barry Lawrence, and Jon Wade provided the Basin Advisory Group (BAG) and participants with a review of the State's water planning efforts. The consultant selected to prepare the Bear River Basin plan, Forsgren & Associates, presented a description of the work to be completed as part of the plan.

BAG Membership

Several members of the original Bear River Basin Advisory Group are no longer able to participate in the planning process, so the group discussed how to replace these individuals. Several names were suggested, including Ralph Stahly to replace Hight Proffit, and Pat Thompson, the new Bear River State Park Superintendent, to replace Allen Cowardin. Jon Wade will contact Eric Heltzel to obtain recommendations for Eric's replacement.

The group agreed to send other names for consideration to Jon Wade at the WWDC. These suggestions will be reviewed by the entire group at their next meeting. Jon can be contacted at 307-777-7626.

Agency Participation

The group was asked their views on enlisting the participation of state and federal agencies as part of the BAG. The members chose to maintain the "status quo," and to ask state and federal agency personnel to attend meetings and act as technical advisors on an "as needed" basis. Members of the State Planning Team and other governmental officials will continue to be present at all meetings to provide technical assistance.

Ground Rules

The original ground rules established by the BAG will be maintained. In addition the group chose to add two new ground rules. New members added to the group to fill vacancies will be Wyoming residents, and each BAG member will name one alternate to attend meetings in their absence.

Future Meetings

To reduce staff time commitments, the BAG members agreed to schedule all future meetings on the second Monday of each month beginning on July 12, 1999. The Green River Basin BAG will be meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, which will allow the Planning Team to schedule travel more efficiently. As in the past, meetings will be rotated among the communities of Evanston, Kemmerer and Cokeville.


Evan Green has assumed a new position with the DEQ and will no longer be a member of the Planning Team. Aaron Waller has assumed a new position in Washington state and he assumed his new duties in May. The group wishes to extend their appreciation to both Evan and Aaron for their tireless dedication and hard work on the Planning Team.

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